100+ Funny birthday wishes for male friend

Today is the day when I am going to balance out all your leg pulling of mine by making you wine and dine me like never before. Hope you have deep pockets today.

We need more cheerful, funny, and weird-looking people in this world who have an altruistic heart like my friend.

The legends have rightly said it that until your 30’s, its either in the room, the chimneys, the kitchen or the roof. And when 40 strikes, you would be glad to remember even the car keys.🀣

Who wants to wait for success to reply to our criticism? The best thing is a tight slap and solid punch straight into their faces.πŸ˜†

You are sometimes sweeter than the stevia and sourer than the lemons. Some unique friend you are.

It is the only the first 100 years of our life that marriage is difficult.

Who says that people don’t become attractive with every passing year. My good friend is the best example to be motivated. There is justice in this world after all🀣

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find unique funny birthday wishes for someone special. Luckily, we have Google and FB from where we can copy-paste such wishes. Isn’t that great my dear friend!

Congratulations for accomplishing a lot of goals and visions…..in your dreams! I hope you will now turn them into reality for good.

Its a small list but there are indeed some people in this world who can make fun of me and still not get a whack on their butt. Don’t smile dear friend, because you will surely get a whack on your behind if you think about making fun of me.

There are very few people in this world who have the talent of looking mighty handsome on one day and a total hideous on the other.

When dogs witness my friends, they put their heads down in shame. That’s how bigger a dog, my dear friend you are.πŸ˜‚

My good friend is surrounded by lots of attractive ladies but he only realizes them after gulping down two glasses of wine.

I never understood the concept of gravity when I was a student. But now, seeing my dear friend, I find it totally easy to understand.

No matter who do what. When it comes to marriage, only the husband makes the mistake.

Today is the day when we are going to smash that lovely birthday cake onto your face. Don’t run away today because we are coming right into your home today😎

It has been my observation that the real joy is always in the anticipation of the gift and not on the actual gift itself. Therefore, I am announcing you today that I have thought of a wonderful gift for your next birthday. So be happy and keep smiling till then.πŸ˜‚

I have seen the way you sleep with a pillow and I can very well say that your girlfriend and future wife would be one very lucky woman.

There is immense gratitude of the divine when he bestows us great guys like you, with whom we can borrow money and never think about returning it.

I know more of your fantasies than you know more about me. And I truly wish it stays the same forever.

Today is the day when you can go berserk on food. Just don’t eat like your usual self i.e. like a Dog!

Every day, I pray for your immense success, happiness, and wealth. May you acquire insane riches in the next year and give me half of it too.

We may be competitive towards each other but it is an unwritten clause in every friendship to not look smarter, brighter and especially more handsome than the other, especially to the opposite sex.

Don’t worry so much about turning an year older today because you are way too young than the next birthday.

Thank you for teaching me some of the finest curses in the history of mankind over the years. I am putting them to good use in my life.

Not only your smile but your fart and burp are unique too.

Its a myth that we need motivational stories and videos to boost our morale. Sometimes, all we need is a straight kick on our behind. What do you say, my dear friend? πŸ˜‚

May this year bring lots of happiness, joy, asses, vigor, assess πŸ˜‚ and a lot of similar stuff in your life.

There are times in my day when I feel stressed. At when thinking about my best guy friend at those moments, I often feel angrier.🀣 But a happy birthday to you!

The best therapy for me has always been to pull your legs and look at your funny pictures. Thank you for being on the receiving end so nicely. 😜

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