12th Year Work Anniversary For employees & Colleagues

We may be the perfect colleagues, but you are surely dime in a dozen. You have done amazingly well in the last eleven years and it gives immense happiness to me and the team to wish you a very happy 11th work anniversary. May the party be as awesome tonight as you are.

Its the day when we are going to ask for the best anniversary party from you. Gifting you an awesome thing along with an equally awesome invoice of it. May you keep the change ready for the delivery guy. Happy 12th work anniversary to you.

We have not only achieved success but have also grown in life. Our thoughts, perspectives and beliefs have aligned and shows our willingness to cooperate and adapt to the desired circumstances. May there be such more understanding colleagues and juniors like you. Needless to say, you are the perfect role model. Happy 12th work anniversary to you.

There are times when the divine doesn’t bless us with what we desire but it blesses us with more than that. You are that bright, kind-hearted, and hardworking soul that has carried us to great heights of growth and success. May the world have more leaders like you. A very happy 12th work anniversary to you.

These 12 years have seen the highs and lows of our company. You have been integral to our survival and thriving business and it warms our heart to have someone like you who understands the core of our philosophy inside out. Wishing you a very happy work anniversary on completing 12 years.

Your presence has shown the way that if there ain’t light at the end of the tunnel, then it ain’t the end of the journey. We wish someone could have infused such wonderful traits in us before but nevertheless, the last 12 years have been a joyous ride. Hoping the next 12 years would unveil a new level of success and growth with you. Happy 12th work anniversary to you.

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