Son 15th birthday By Mom — Happy, Funny, and Inspiring

It is no easy to write a sincere birthday wish. And when it comes to writing them for your Son, putting the right words to reflect that pure sentiment and blessings for him can be challenging. This is why we are writing this post today. If you are a mom, whose son is turning fifteenth today, then the wishes in this post will help you immensely.

Dear Son! Whether you turn 15 or 20, you will always be the cutie pie toddler who would always have our support in all his professional and personal endeavors. May the divine bless you with great health, and prosperity. Happy fifteenth birthday from Mommy.

For the last fifteen years, you have been the center of our universe, and will always be. The age may be vulnerable but you do not need to worry as our guidance and blessings will always be upon you. Happy Birthday, darling!

Happiness is seeing your Son growing into a handsome, wise, and head-turning individual. May you make the most of this awesome era. Our blessings and love will always be upon you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Words cannot describe how special you are to your mommy. From the moment of conceiving you till today, I have cherished all the moments with my son and I wish you live for eternity and reach the pinnacle of success in your passionate field.

Son 15th Birthday heartfelt wish by Mother

Happiness is seeing my son growing handsomely every year with charm, charisma, and wisdom. May the growth years of your life be far from any worry. May you live for 100s of years my son. A very happy Birthday.

Dear Son! A wise man had rightly said that where there is a will, the Lord opens up the way. May you never ever wither away from the dreams that you want to transform into reality.

It only seems like yesterday that the divine bestowed me you who was crying in a high-pitch voice. I still remember your first smile. I pray to God that your future is filled with blessings, joy, and exuberant health.

You are now going through a transition phase where you will become wiser, smarter, and more exceptional with the blessings of your momma and God. May you continue to blossom with every passing year.

In today’s day and age, possessing a heart of kindness and empathy can be considered weak by people who are not in sync with their true selves. I hope you will always maintain the naivety of your heart coupled with altruism, wisdom, and hard work.

Inspiring 15th birthday wishes to Son from Mother

Dear Son. Always remember that circumstances may not be ideal sometimes but your faith and persistence will always fuel you to a better life and happier times. On this fifteenth birthday, I wish that you be confident and courageous of your talent and abilities and make full use of them.

The word persistence may not have a heroic connotation but it is to success what Carbon is to steel. Dear Son, may you never let your vision be diluted with unexpected obstacles and people who will try to pull you down. A very happy fifteenth birthday to you from mommy. Lots of love.

Inspiring 15th birthday wishes to Son from Mother

God has a habit of testing the bravest souls by throwing curveballs in their life every now and then. May you always have the zeal and confidence to surpass them.

People love to pull down people who they are jealous of. May the divine give you plenty of mental strength to handle such obstacles.

Nothing matters more to us parents than the happiness and well-being of our son. For all your aspirations, our blessings are always there to fuel you for success. May you make yourself proud in the coming years.

Life has never been the same after you have arrived in our family. I wish every family gets an angelic son like you my dear.

Despite enduring a lot of hardships, it is heartening to see you propelling towards your goal and visions. May no thorn mitigate your speed towards success.

Son 15th Birthday Funny Wish from Mommy

Funny fifteenth wish birthday for handsome sonny

Hey Handsome! I have been seeing you the way you sleep with the pillow and I can only say that your future wife and girlfriend would be very happy. Happy fifteenth birthday.

Only a cute, handsome son like you can empty the bank account of his mommy and still be adorable.

The world would be so much nicer, peaceful, and cooperative if there would be more men like my boy.

My Son clearly knows that when Daddy says no-no, then mommy is the one to say yes yes.


We hope you have enjoyed reading the messages that we have written for your Son’s fifteenth birthday. Today’s youth needs more guidance and mentorship from the elders than ever. While birthday wishes are not the only thing that conveys our care and love for each other, they certainly play a crucial part in bringing a smile to our dear ones. We will continue to update this post from time to time. Please let your valuable comments known to us through the comment section.

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