Happy 18th birthday son – 18th special wishes

If today is the eighteenth birthday of your Son, then it is not enough to give him a gift or a simple wish. Special occasions deserve special wishes and messages from parents when it is Son’s birthday. But oftentimes, coming up with such a special wish is more challenging than it seems to be. And this is the reason for writing down this post. Tons of awesome, cheerful, and heartwarming wishes are on this post which your Son will absolutely love it.

Many many happy returns of the day to my eighteenth year. Ever since you have arrived on this planet, life has given us more than what we asked for. May you live happy, healthily for hundreds of years. Lots of love on your 18th birthday.

It’s the year of your life which will unfold you lots of joy, new friends and relationships. May you be able to take the positives from it and learn from the negatives. Happy eighteenth birthday.

Someone has rightly said that faith has the power to move the mountains. It is true that the divine has blessed you with more talent and ability than you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to God is to make use of that talent and ability as much as you can in this lifetime.

With every passing year, you are becoming wiser than your actual years. I wish the trend continues for hundreds of years. Many many 18th happy returns of the day darling!

You may have turned 18th today with more charm and charisma but for me, you will always be the cute, little toddler from the divine. May the divine umbrella of love, care, and guidance always be upon you.

There is a saying that the divine blesses the good souls with more than their expectations. As parents, we truly feel that we are those awesome parents to whom the divine sent us you.

Sometimes, life throws us unexpected curve balls in order to test the commitment to fulfill our desires. I wish that you never let them spiral down your self-esteem and confidence. A very happy birthday to you.

Dear Son. Where there is a will, a way will always come up. I hope that you put in all the energy to transform your dream into reality.

We are always looking for guidance on the outside when the voice of the Almighty always comes from our inside. May you always allow your mind to be guided by it. Happy eighteenth birthday handsome.

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