18th birthday Funny Stomach-aching Wishes for Son

It’s a joyous occasion when your Son; your bundle of love turns 18. The embarking of adulthood comes once in a lifetime and you can surprise him with some wonderful and nice wishes which are also fun to read. In this post, we have created hilarious wishes for your Son turning 18. We are sure that you and your Son too will have nice laughter while reading these messages. So without wasting any more, let’s get started.

Its the year when you have embarked into a mini adulthood, but people will still treat you like an adolescence.

According to your documents, you are an adult. But don’t believe them. And wait for something like 18 more years to become so. It took me many years after turning an adult, so expect the same for you as well.

Raising you for the first 18 years has taken away all my hair. I don’t know what’s coming in the upcoming years of raising you.

You are an adult from now and therefore for every gift from us, you will be required to pay the taxes.

It’s the legal age where your parents can give a straight wild kick to your behind and throw you out …:D Don’t worry. That’s not what we are going to do so!

It may cross your mind that you know the world. Don’t worry Son! That’s normal. That thought crossed my mind when I was 8. The thought will vanish away after a couple of years.

You may have turned an adult but I want you to retain that cute smile, naïve heart and ability to smile at your mistakes but not so loud.

It is time now maybe you can start to think about repaying some of our expenses onto you, along with the interest of course. What you say, dear Sonny!!!

You have now become an adult. You won’t be woken up with sweet smile and a coffee like before. The adults are woken up by pouring the cold water over them.

Welcome to the 18! Most men are like the dogs for the first 100 years of their life. Your dad is an exception though!

May you always keep growing in terms of wisdom and knowledge but never in looks and charming.

From this day, the no. of candles on your cake will be hard to adjust for every next birthday.

You may have turned 18 but deep down I know that you are a boy with a heart of that an 8 year old with 10 years of more experience.

Earlier I used to behold your cute little face and now all I could see grumpy kid who is readying to be unleased.

They say that every generation brings some improvement than their predecessors. I reached my wisdom when I married your Mommy. I hope you reach wisdom on this birthday itself. 😀

Its with great regret that I have to tell you that your wonderful childhood period is over.

You always wanted to have more of life isn’t it. Now you will have plenty of responsibilities and drama to handle, courtesy to the opposite gender. But you will have more fun too. :

Many congrats for turning a year older on the eighteenth birthday. Whether you turn 18th or 80th, I will keep on smothering you with my love, kisses and hugs. Love you Son.

Many years ago, I was wishing you to be 18 and grown up so that you could do all the things in the world. And now you are 18, I wish you could go back a few years back so that I could still pamper you like a cutie pie.

It’s the age where a lot of things that you were desperate for since childhood can now be done legally. Just don’t go bonkers over it as your daddy did.

Now you have turned 18 my son, I am gonna tell you a secret which will help you to remain young and charming forever. It is by lying through the teeth.

Just because you have turned 18, do not think that you are free from my prying eyes. Well, actually you will never be free from it as long as your dad is alive. 😀

Now that you have entered the eighteenth year of your life, you can move your *** a bit and maybe thinking about earning some money. Or maybe I will have to work for a few more years.

I have seen your sleeping habits with the pillow. Looking at it, I am sure that your girlfriend and wife will absolutely adore you.

Closing Thoughts

Embarking on the adulthood can be a nice feeling. There are normal wishes also for your Son but giving him the hilarious wishes would be more amazing. After all, every kid wants to see the humorous side of their parents. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. We will keep adding similar wishes on this post from time to time. Feel free to provide some jokes in the comment section and we are very likely to add it in our post along with the credits too.

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