Trending 24th Anniversary for Husband, wife, Mom & Dad

24th Anniversary Wishes for Husband

It has been an 24 amazing years spending with you my dear husband. You have been more good than I could have ever asked from the divine. May every woman gets a husband like you. Happy Wedding anniversary to us.

There are times when we do not get what we want but the divine ensures to receive more than that. That’s the case with you my dear husband! You are the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. Happy 24th anniversary to us!

These 24 years have given us everything. Waking up next to you has been blissful and I am sure there are plenty of years left in kitty. May we remain tied in this bond for the eternity. Happy 24th anniversary.

24th anniversary wish for Wife

Dear Wifey! I cannot thank you enough for being my pillar of strength for the last 24 years. You have nurtured and propelled me to work harder. Needless to say, all my success credits to you and rightly so. May every man gets a wifey like you. Happy 24th anniversary to us!

There is no doubt that your smile is the best thing that rejuvenates me fully. You have not only been the perfect wife but the perfect mother of our children and my best friend too. Happy 24th anniversary to us. Love you to the moon and back.

To my gorgeous wife! Your beauty is notching up with every passing year and I am so happy that the Almighty gave me someone like you to spend the rest of my lives. May there bestowing of the happiness continues for eternity. Happy 24th anniversary to an awesome wife.

For Parents

Dear Mom & Dad. You have been the best parents that a child could ever have. You are the reason why we have propelled towards our success. Its a joy for us to see you together in these 24 years. And we hope that you always be our parents in all the lifetimes. A very happy 24th anniversary to you guys.

Our parents have taught us that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Thank you dear Mom and Dad for infusing us with the right upbringing, love, care and respect. You two are and will always the pillar of strength for us. May you guys live forever. A very happy 24th anniversary to you.

The sun is shining bright, the birds are chirping more and the wind is soothing because it is the 24th anniversary of our lovely parents. Congratulations on being perfect for such a long time. I am sure the trend will continues. Love you to the moon and back.

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