Happy 3rd work anniversary | Wishes for 3rd year

It has been an awesome three years working along side you. We have seen some ups and downs but the learning and growth has been phenomenal. May this be a beginning to another three years of collaborative work. Happy 3rd work anniversary to you.

Three years ago when you came, we never believed we would go on to forge a partnership for so long. Your enthusiasm and zeal has been more amazing than we expected. Its the people like you who contribute so much to our success. May your journey continues with us, for another three years at least. Happy third work anniversary to you.

Sometimes, we do not get what we want but more than that. Like this destiny brought us together for a fulfilling and innovative work. These three years have just flown by. It seems that you came for the interview yesterday only. I am sure our partnership will continue on for many more years.

Time and again, you have shown that where there is a will, there is always a way. This organization has been fortunate that the likes of you are putting their heart and soul to bring success. These three years have flown by pretty quickly. And we are hopeful that the next three years will witness even more achievements from your side. A very happy third work anniversary to you.

Someone has rightly said that there may not be any heroic connotation to the word persistence but the character is to success what carbon is to steel. And you are a great example of it. You have climbed plenty of corporate ladders in the last three years and I am sure the journey is far from over. Happy third work anniversary to you.

You are a great amalgamation of hard work, enthusiasm and soft skills. The world would be so much better if there would be more individuals like you. All the best for the coming years and a very happy third work anniversary to you.

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