Hilarious 56th Birthday Wishes that will make you laugh

Legends have rightly said that the time to learn ends in the forties and the real living of life starts in the fifties. May you put in all the learning and wisdom in your life now. Happy 56th birthday to you.

Happiness is having a friend who gets gray hair faster than you. Haha. Kidding my dear! May we both age at the same rate.

You have been quite slow in reaching up to this age. But I am sure you have grasped plenty of wisdom along the journey. Happy fifty-sixth birthday to you.

On this awesome birthday of yours, we are going to arrange for an ambulance along with the cake in case you pass out while blowing all the candles.

Welcome to the age where now you will achieve a unique skill of laughing, sneezing, and farting at the same time. Happy 56th birthday.

It’s the day today when you can behave like a teenager, as long as it is for a day only.

Life may begin in the fifties but many things start going downhill if you understand what I mean.

It’s the day when you came screaming into this world while the rest of us were rejoicing your arrival. May you always be an eternity.

Legends have rightly said that true happiness lies in the leg-pulling of your friend.

If you can still remember the time and place when you did it the last time, then you surely are enjoying great health and memory too! Happy fifty-sixth birthday to you.

There is a saying that if grey hair is a sign of wisdom, then you certainly are a genius.

A wise man has rightly said that at any point in time in the fifties, three things happen. First is you lose all the memory, and the rest of the two I am unable to remember.

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