Funny 58th Birthday Hilarious wishes to make laugh

It has been an amazing 58 years of your life that you have learned. Now the time has come to put those into an application for real.

No matter how much we say we care for each other, the biggest joy in life is to see your friend aging faster than you.

Tonight is the night when I will extract the best party from you for all the leg-pulling you have done of mine in the last couple of years.

The real happiness in life in discovering that your friend has started to get gray hairs before you.

When the divine wants to create a weird-looking, fun-loving, and kind-hearted individual, he chooses your DNA.

Sometimes, we don’t get to choose our friends. The divine automatically blesses us with nice people like he bestowed a fine one like me to you. May you always cherish me.

A wise man had once said that after fifty, the body has a mind of its own.

Legends have rightly said that age is just a number until that number is too big like your age.

Welcome to the age where you will enjoy sneezing, farting, and laughing at the same time. Happy 58th birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to an awesome individual who deserves to be treasured. After all, someone likes you rarely comes on this Earth.

Apart from the huge birthday cake, we are also going to arrange a huge ambulance van, in case you pass out while blowing all the candles.

It is not always true that wisdom comes along with age. I have seen some exceptions and one of them is reading this message and agreeing inside. Happy 58th birthday.

It may be hard to teach new tricks to an old dog. But there is no need either when the old dog is like you who already knows all the tricks.

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