75th Birthday Funny Wishes | Special wishes for the young

Happy Birthday to the young man who has just turned 75 only. May you go on to live for another 75 years, at the very least. May the divine bestows you with all the happiness of the world.

Dear Grandpa. You may have turned 75 but your enthusiasm and charm can give the so-called young guys a run for their money. Happy 75th birthday to you.

Smile as fully as you can until you have all the teeth left. May you smile full cheez on your 75th birthday tonight. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

There is a rumor that wisdom not only propels but can also degrade with the passage of time. May you not fall in the latter category. Happy birthday

When the divine wants to create a cool, charming, weirdo with a naive and kind-hearted individual, he references your DNA. Happy Birthday to you!

The best thing you have taught me is how to stay young, charming forever and that is by lying through the teeth. Thank you for such valuable lesson. Happy 75th birthday to you.

With every passing year, you are becoming more charmer, and intellectual. I hope the trend continues forever.

If there is one thing that I have greatly learned from you, it is to never give up when the going becomes tough. Happy seventy-fifth birthday to you.

Its a skill to laugh and fart at the same time and you are an expert in doing so. A very happy 75th birthday to you.

Today maybe your birthday but is a challenging day of ours to find a birthday cake that will hold up sevnety five birthday candles. Happy Birthday though!

On your birthday party, we are going to keep an ambulance ready in case you pass out while blowing out the candles. Happy 75th birthday dear!

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