80th Birthday Funny Sayings & Wishes – 80th Funny Messages

A wise man has rightly said that by the time you are eighty years old, you only have to remember the things which you have already learnt.

You may have turned 80 but you look 79 years and 364 days old only. Wishing you all the lovely wishes and prayers for going into the new decade.

Wishing you a year of less coughing, and better hearing. May the divine restore the supreme powers of the 18th birthday to you, even if its for one day. Happy 80th birthday though!

In all these eighty years, you surely must have learned that whenever there is a dispute, the wife is always the right one.

You certainly are 80 and you still can father at least 80 offspring’s I guess. Please try it at your own risk though!

Its the time of your life when the cost of the candles is going to be more than the cost of the cake itself. A very happy 80th Birthday to you.

You are the perfect wine in this world as you keep on getting better with age. I am sure your wife is having a great time witnessing your evolution.

You have learnt the profound secret of life of feeling blissful with your life by not arguing with her.

It is nice to send some amazing gifts to an amazing person. It feels even nicer when the invoice is also sent along with it. Don’t worry, our gift will be invoice free for you. Happy 80th Birthday dear!

Good luck finding a wonderful cake for you which would be able to accommodate all the 90 candles. Oops, I mean 80 candles.

Whether you turn 90 or 80 years old, you will always be wiser and more cheerful than us. May you always be like this. Happy Birthday Dear!

You have turned eighty but I am sure you are still able to father at least 60 offspring even now. Please try that on your own risk though!

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