90th Birthday Jokes, Quotes & Wishes | Hilarious & Heartfelt

Happy 90th birthday to the awesome man. If you can remember how old you actually are, it’s the best gift of the divine to you today.

They say the 90s is the perfect age to learn the skills of laughing with farting. Happy 90th birthday.

Legends have rightly said that age is just a number unless it actually trickles down into our bodies. May you have a blast tonight. Happy 90th birthday to you.

You may be in your 90s now, but you are still a head-turner, for the nineties! Kidding. Happy Birthday to the awesome individual.

Here is to another of our white hairs and toothless smiling. May the divine bless you with lots of strength, happiness, and joy. Happy 90th birthday to you.

You may have turned 90 but you will be young, charming, and sexy by lying straight through the teeth, a skill that I deeply admire. Happy 90th birthday sweetheart.

A wise man had once said that we don’t get old with the passage of time, we simply become more mischievous and naughty. I hope he is right.

When the Lord Almighty wants to make a handsome, gorgeous and smart kid, he certainly references your DNA. That’s how special you are. Happy 90th Birthday to you my friend.

Whenever you feel like the heaviness of your age, try thinking of them in reverse, if you can so.

On this 90th birthday, sending you an awesome special gift, along with its invoice. May you keep the change ready for the delivery guy.

Welcome to the decade where you are now promoted into Classic from being Old. Happy 90th birthday.

Seeing how much you love your partner, I can say that the rawness of your youth is still embedded into every cell of your being. Happy 90th birthday to you.

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