Batting changed “100%” after DRS came in — Kevin Peterson

Speaking on Sky Sports YouTube broadcast, Kevin Peterson says that ever since the ball tracking has come into cricket, batting has changed a lot. He quoted his conversation with Brian Lara, who questioned the English team for not using the sweep shot in India- England Test Series 2021, which India won convincingly after the initial test loss.

According to Peterson, players are reluctant to play the sweep shot, especially in the spinning conditions like in India, where the pitches were almost a rank turner right from day one in the latest India- England 2021 test series. The reason for their reluctance is the fear of getting the ball missing the bat and hitting them right on their pads. Before the arrival of DRS, the decision may have gone in the favor of the batsman, owing to the benefit of the doubt, but now things have changed as the umpire can see the trajectory of the ball, and hence the decision is likely to go against the batsman.

Peterson reminded of the times of 2012, where he, Johnny Bairstow, and Joe Root would practice drills of spin bowling for their India tour, which England won for the first time. According to him, the technique this time just wasn’t there from the English batsman, who get out mostly on the straighter ones instead of the dreadful spinning ones.

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