100+ Totally Funny Happy birthday to big brother

Big brothers are like the fatherly figures. Even if they go on to have their marriage and children, you will always be their first child. It is only the blessing of the divine where one can enjoy the umbrella of love, respect of a wonderful elderly brother. And nothing more is enlivening with them than funny and joyous laughter. And so, if today is the birthday of him, then you can bring laughter to his face with the below hilarious funny messages.

You may have arrived earlier but I am the one who will be the apple of the eye for the family. 😎 But to my big loving elderly bro, many many happy returns of the day to you.

I have been dieting for this day since so long. And I am happy the day has finally arrived. To be honest, don’t exactly know what I am more happy about; the fact that today is your birthday or the fact I am gonna eat like a dog today for free.

It is a real skill to bear the tantrums of a little one like me all the time. I admire your tolerance bro. You will certainly go a long way in life.

There are times when I am angry because of something. But when I look at your face, I get even more angry. By the way happy birthday bro!

It is a skill to find awesome messages from the internet. Copy pasting one of them for you today.

I owe a tremendous amount of success to my wonderful brother. After all, he is the one who inspired me to do the dirty work out of my comfort zone. Thank you, brother. That’s what brothers are there for isn’t it!

It is amazing to have a wonderful elderly brother who will always take care of you like a child. So dear brother, where are you wining and dining me tonight? Ooops I forgot to wish you HBD.

Hey bro! You may be like a fatherly figure to me,
but you will not be spared from my wild kicks to your behind
if you will do leg-pulling of mine 🤣

There is insane stupidity in this world to protect yourself from. But thanks to my big brother for making me fail miserably.😂

Sometimes, we get more than what we deserve
and I am so happy for you dear
that the Almighty gave you
a nice little brother.

I have learned the secret of life on how to stay refreshed all the time and that is by pulling the legs of my big handsome brother.

It is wonderful to have someone in the family who can do all the mistakes and you can learn everything from them without committing a mistake.

With age, not only your wisdom is ever increasing but also your tummy size too.

There are so may things unique about you. One is definitely your fart and the other is your opera like Burp. I think you can even get them patented. What you say!

You may be elderly to me from the chronological age point of view but from the wisdom point of view, I guess you need to do a lot of catching.

I know all the nice dirty secrets about you than you know about me. I hope this equation remains the same forever. 😎

I have seen you accomplished so many of your dreams and visions dear, in your sleep time. Now I think you can transform some of them into the reality also.

May you get lot of happiness, health and wealth this year. May you also be bestowed with lot of *action* also like I get.😆

Wisdom is the natural by-product of aging but for some people, it can also spiral down. What do you think you elderly bro?

Our personalities may be poles apart big bro. But there is certainly one thing in common for us, i.e. our level of wisdom.

Special people deserve special gifts. And since you are elderly, I am sending you my heartiest blessings and wishes for you dear bro. Also along the way, is a special gift to enliven your mood, along with the special invoice too. So please keep the change intact for the Cash on the Delivery guy.

Today is the day when you will be allowed to gorge on food like a dog because everyone else will do the same too.

I wish the book space on your bed be replaced by a human being, of the opposite gender ofcourse.

Lucky we are to have Facebook and Google that provides us with free funny wishes for the handsome looking elderly fatherly figure.

Some people in life do not get inspired by the motivational stories and quotes. What inspires them, or I should say what propels them is a wild kick to their behind. What is your great opinion about it bro?

The Almighty has always an easier time to make a funny looking, weird guy with an altruistic heart. He simply considers the emotional and physical attributes of my big brother.🤣

Some big brothers are like amazing fathers but they are also the biggest pain in our ***.

If I did not have a big brother like you, I would have made so many girlfriends till now.

Closing thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed the nice messages of laughter and fun, prepared specially for the occasion of birthday of your big brother. Your brother may have a serious, extrovert, or introvert personality but one thing that is sure that they will always love you unconditionally. Please do provide your valuable feedback about this article. We love to know how people about reading our articles and we believe in improving them regularly. We will keep on adding similar wishes in this post from time to time.

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