100+ Funny birthday wishes for female friend

It is amazing for a guy to have non-romantic but enlivening friendships with women. They sort of have not only a caring and supportive behavior for you but they are the ones with whom you can share your heart out whether it’s related to dating or some adult stuff, you can always get their perspective. The same can be said for women who enjoy special female friends. If today is the birthday of your female friend, then what could be better than to send her a funny birthday wish. You can really show her the humorous side of your personality. So without wasting any more time, let us give you what you exactly came here for.

It is hard to be friend with a girl who is wise, beautiful and charming as hell. HBD to an awesome girl from the divine.

I was skeptical about you growing gorgeous and wonderful over the years. But you did very well for yourself. Congratulations!

Today, on your birthday, I will reveal my heartiest secret to you which rejuvenates me always. I always take a look at your funny pictures on Facebook. May you upload them a lot more.

We should always be proud of our yearly accomplishments even if it means getting fatter and more lethargic.

For all the years that I have saved you from your daddy, mommy, brother, sister, teacher, principals, and other guys, I certainly deserve a king-size treatment today on your birthday.

I am so happy that you got those wonderful looks from your beautiful mom and that level of intelligence and wisdom from your daddy! I wonder how things would have been if you would have gotten those traits in a vice-versa way!!!

I happen to know more wildest and dirty secrets about you than you know about me. And I hope this equation always remains the same.

At times, very few of course, where you show lack in grey matter, you compensate it very well with your stunning and gorgeous looks.

Congratulations for turning an year older! Very soon you would be enjoying the benefits of the senior citizen.

For all your successes and accomplishments over the years, you must thank me for the constructive criticism. That’s what friends are there for Isn’t it!

You may heard it before but didn’t believed in it but men are actually like dogs for the first 100 years of their life.

You have been very diligent and compliant for being at the receiving end of my jokes often. I appreciate such wonderful gesture. Hope it remains the same like this.

In this world, there are two kinds of people. One will deserve your kindness, sincerity, and attention and the other will always be worthy of your straight kick on their behind. in both cases, give your very best!

After all these years, the wisdom is now finally catching up on your age.

I always had it in me to be an amazing friend to a special girl. You just allowed me to prove it.

No matter how stressful my days is, I feel rejuvenated when I do leg pulling of yours.

It takes insane amount of skill to find the perfect birthday message from Google, Facebook and then add some uniqueness in it. I hope you will appreciate this sincere effort of mine and wine and dine me.

No matter whether it is yours or my birthday, we know for whom we will do the shopping Isn’t it!!!

It is amazing that you can gorge on food like a pig but still have the slim figure like that of the model.

You surely learned how to remain young, charming, and youthful forever. It is by lying through the teeth of course, just like I do.

I have seen how you sleep

I have seen the way you sleep with the pillow and I can certainly say that your prince charming and future husband would be one damn lucky guy. 😀

It is the day when you will be bombarded with all the lovely wishes from the poor guys on the Internet, who are on your friend’s list but have never gotten a reply back from you.

I am sending a special gift for a special lady. Along with the gift, I am also sending my wishes, blessings for your success along with the invoice of the gift too. May you have the change available for the Cash on Delivery!

Don’t fret so much about turning a year older. You are at least young than your next year birthday.

Work and Career-related funny wishes on birthday

Over the years, it has been my observation that reading the motivational posts all the time does not transpire us to get to work. What does work is a straight kick on our behind!!! Ain’t it right my dear! 😀 Happy Birthday by the way!

Legends have said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This universal law however does not apply to my dear friends.

It’s a skill to get difficult work get done. It’s altogether a different skill set in order to get that work done by the others, for free of cost of course. Kudos to my lovely friend for that!

Closing Thoughts

Having a funny banter is worth its time in every relationship. And what could be better to have some of it or the funny wishes for your female friend on her birthday! We hope you have enjoyed this post. All our wishes are written by our writers and not copied. We will absolutely keep on adding similar wishes in this post. If you feel like adding a funny wish of your own, then feel free to reply it in the comment section and we will add it in this post along with credits too. Cheers!

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