100+ Mean Birthday Wishes — Short and Pinching 😎🎃

Sometimes, we feel the need of using sarcasm and wishes that pinch our friends in order to vent our frustration or to propel them to work hard in their personal and professional endeavors. But coming up with mean wishes is certainly far from easy. And when the occasion is of the birthday, then it becomes even more difficult to write it as we have to ensure to not upset them but use sarcasm only. So in this post, we have written down a lot of such wishes. But before we start to list them down, we want to let you know that sending such wishes can come with consequences in your friendship. We advise you to use sarcasm to the people who have the ability to take it. Now let’s start with our wishes.

Some of the most successful people in the world were indeed dumb when they started out in their business. Don’t worry my friend, there is plenty of hope for you.

Sometimes, the divine does not bless us with what we deserve but with more than that. Like you got to have a friendship with me.

It is a universal that most men are like Dogs for the first 100 years of their life, including the sender and recipient of this message.

Great friends propel you to hard work and success. I thank you for contributing all of it towards me. That’s what friends are there for isn’t it!

I admire your ability to keep setting new benchmarks every year, of couch potato and laziness. Some great effort from your side.

When the divine was creating you, I think he was certainly high.

The only good about you this year is that your Fart has become tolerable. May this nice trend continues for the rest of the life too.

If it was a crime for being handsome and charming, my dear friend would be the only human in this world to roam freely in the street. Don’t worry my dear because I also would be there along with you.

It has been my observation over the years, that Wisdom has the ability to not only increase but also to go in the reverse direction. God save you from the latter my friend scenario my friend!

For a lot of people in the world, it is not the inspiring stories that propel them to move forward in life but a whack to their head and butt. The harder the better. What is your lovely opinion about it?

They say that opposites attract each other. It is glad that I am good-looking and charming. We make an amazing pair for sure.

It is difficult for humans to grasp the concept of gravity and aging. Somethings can be learned better by observing our friends.

If there would be an Oscar for bearing the tantrums and nonsense of your dear friend, then it would certainly go to me. What is your opinion about it my dear!

Some of the best accomplishments of your life was to befriend a nice friend like me. Congrats for it. You did a hell of an awesome job.

It is not the hard work that we have to do many times. Sometimes 100s of luck, favors, and ass licking of another hundred can do the trick.

A lot of women say this “You are very handsome” when they meet Brad Pitt.

You know how hard it is to find a nice, unique birthday wish from Google and Facebook. You should applaud my sincere effort for this. May be a grand party tonight? What do you say. Oh by the way, a very happy birthday to you!

For the girl (Friend)

I have now totally understood your secret of staying young and charming forever. It is by lying through the teeth of course, a skill that has paid you rich dividends in life till now.

Good girls may go to heaven but bad girls certainly go everywhere.

There is indeed truth in the phrase that the ugly duckling becomes a swan. And you are the living example of it.

You are now acquiring space on the bed, owing to your increasing tummy size.

There is a free, natural and effective way of acquiring larger gluts and bigger tits i.e. by being a couch potato.

The best advantage of having a bestie is to able to access her wardrobe and makeup, for of course free of cost.

It is a myth that we acquire more wisdom with age. And you are the perfect example to debunk this one.

You may or may not believe it my dear, but the wives are genetically built to nag their husbands for the first 100 years of their life.

I have been dieting for a couple of days and now I am going to eat to my heart’s content.

Often during the day, I feel stressful. And when I think about you at those moments, I even get more angry.

It is a skill in itself to look a head-turner and gorgeous on one day and a complete hideous on the other. I think you deserve Oscar for it.

I really find it hilarious when you perform an opera while you are sleeping.

The best way to get over a man in life is to get under another one.

You may have heard many people say this “You are extremely beautiful”. People say that a lot to Jennifer Aniston.

Closing thoughts

It is really hard to come up with the mean wishes, and that too for the birthday of your friend and relatives. The aim of such wishes should only be used as a sarcasm and not as a way to insult anyone. Life is indeed short. People can have disagreements and ups and downs with their friends and family. It is ok to vent out the frustration but resentment should not reside in our heart as we are social people. We hope that you have enjoyed reading the wishes in this post. We will add more in it from time to time.

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