100+ Cute Teasing Instagram captions for Boyfriend

When it comes to our dating life, it is supposed to be full of fun and vigor. In every relationship, there is highs and lows. Sometimes your boyfriend will do thing that will make you upset, and sometimes you will be the doer of mistakes. But there will be many moments which will nullify all these things and will bring liveliness to your relationship. One such way is to give your guy some nice, cute, little captions which will cheer his heart and will make him feel grateful of having a girl like you in his life. Here, in this post, you will find plenty of such short, little cute captions for him, which you can use on any social media platform.

You rule my heart & Mind.

You are only Mine.

Life with you is Messy but that’s what I want it too.

You are sweeter than a chocolate shake.

You catapult me from a bad mood.

I love being lost with the distraction of you.

I hate you for making me laugh like an idiot.

My mind rejected you but my heart fell for you.

If love will ever have a physical reference, it will be our Pic.

You are my Telly belly.

Your smile and hugs makes my day.

My partner in crime.

Time takes a back seat, when we talk!

Love you to the moon and back.

Together we define awesomeness.

You are my addiction

You are cuteness overloaded with wisdom.

Happiness is when you smile

Loving you is rejuvenating.

Those lips are for you❀

The heart skips a beat, every time I see you.

The love of my Life!

One right guy = Thousands of feelings

Heaven is where we both are!

Life has been grateful ever since we came together!

Any thing with my partner is euphoria.

We rock everywhere!

You understand the pulse of my being, like no one.

I bend my rules, especially for YOU!

Apart from Rain, only you make me Wet!

You make me crazy and wise.

I do not mind being angry, if its becoz of You!

Wherever we both r together, it is HOME!

I am creating my fairytale story with you!

You are my king becoz u treat me like a Queen!

Happiness is when we are together!

Adore everything about you!

Together for eternity!

No drug can give ecstasy like your presence.

Heaven is on Earth right here with YOU!

The divine brought us together for a reason.

Every time you stare me, I fell in love with you!

Leg-pulling Teasing IG Captions for BF

I love pulling those hairs, whether am happy or angry!😎

You are hot looking and even Hotter in Bed.

My pleasure centers are flooded because of you.πŸ’–β€

Every night is awesome with you.

My love bites will always stay there on you.

Only I possess all the rights of you.😎

I know all your dirty secrets than you know of mine😎

You know all the trigger points of my body.

Your wildest fantasies turn me on.

Even your flaws are perfect!

No matter where we end up, you will always be a part of my soul.

Tonight, you are gonna see the wild side.πŸ’–

A cuddle a day with you, keeps the stress away.

Nobody tells you that you are cute, other than me, myself and I.

Sometimes, I look at you and wonder how you got so Lucky.🀣❀

You are the most addicted drug in this universe.

You are my Santa Clause.

You turn me on like no one.

A perfect BF sees every part of my personality.

Philosophical Quotes for BF

Humor + personality + charm + charisma = My BF.

Only you can make me angry and happy at the same time.

You have made me grown by leaps and bounds.

You permeate me with all the goodness of this world.

Surviving difficult times is easy with you.

God took a long time before making you. But the result is fantastic.

You are more than a BF. You are an eternal part of my soul.

You support me when the world turns its back!

My shoulders are enough to support you during the bad times.

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