100+ serious questions to ask your boyfriend

While it is always nice to have fun and intimacy with our partners, it is usually the serious questions that give us an insight into the character of another person. They say that hard questions really give us an idea about an individual, be it for a man or woman. And if you are contemplating to move your relationship forward with your boyfriend, then we highly recommend you to ask some serious questions from him. After all, it is our right to know fully well about our guy, isn’t it!

And that’s what this post is all about. Here you will find plenty of such questions to ask from him. It is important that you pay a sincere attention to their responses that will significantly help you in gauging their personality inside out.

Where do you think our relationship is heading towards?

Is it ok to criticize each other in a relationship? And if yes, then how do you think people in relationships should handle each other’s criticism?

Do you like a masculine or feminine personality from a woman?

Do you think that women are more emotional than men?

How much alone time a day should couples have?

What do you think about feminism? Do you think it is similar to what is shown in the media?

Why do you think that some couples opt for open relationship? What according to you is their belief?

What was the most important thing you learnt from the past relationship?

Is it really possible to like someone even if we disagree a lot with them?

What is your view about plastic surgery? Do you think someone should do it if it makes their lives better?

What is your favorite fictional character and what do you like about him or her?

Do you believe that the world would be a far better place if there were more women leaders?

Do you feel that some people should not be taken seriously in life?

What is your view about (….name of so and so political party…..) ? Why you support or support them?

Do you believe that love can always be there between partners even if the feeling of lust goes down?

What is your opinion about women being the bread winners and men taking care of the children and home?

Is it ok to be biased towards someone? And if so, then what is the reason for that?

Is it possible to remain sexy, charming and full of life until our very last breath?

Is the emotion of anger does good to us humans?

Is it normal for couples to fantasize occasionally about someone else?

How many times should couple be intimate with each other in a week?

Is Ego needed to succeed in life?

In a relationship, what is the best way to tell someone of their mistakes?

What is the deal breaker with friends?

Do you believe the spiciness of relationship goes down after sometime? And if yes, then what are the ways to reignite it?

What is your opinion about God? Do you believe Karma is served?

Questions related to Friends & family

Who are you most closest to in your family? And why?

How to explain to things to elderly people when we know they are wrong in their arguments?

Do you think that people can be arrogant for no reason?

Do you think it is always possible to forgive anyone no matter how much they wronged and betrayed someone?

What is your opinion about the belief of forgiving someone but not forgetting them?

Why do we respond to someone in time and respond to others late? Is it subconscious or Ego?

Is it okay to share our heart out with someone or something about us should always remain in our heart and soul?

Questions about Career

Do you believe in the notion that Money can’t buy the happiness?

How much do you think luck and other factors matter while striving for success in our career?

What is the best way to handle conflicts with senior people in the office without causing drama?

What is your view about living life on your own terms?

Can two people remain happy with life even if they earn hand to mouth?

Is it OK to be always striving for the better? Or should one take it easy after accomplishing something?

Views about the philosophical things

Is there an afterlife? And if yes, then do you think humans will be born into more evolving species or less involving ones like the animals?

Do you believe that Aliens exists?

Do you believe in ghosts wandering at certain places on our planet?

What is your view about the less evolved species on this Earth like chickens, dogs and cats?

Do you think its ok to consume meat when there are so many other alternatives to delight our tastebuds and fill our stomach?

Closing thoughts

This post may have gotten a bit serious but our aim is to provide you with an authentic post that deeply answers your intent for which you came here for. You asked for serious questions for your boyfriend and we gave them plenty of you to our best abilities. We are sure that you will greatly enjoy the conversations with your boyfriend based on such questions. We will of course some more relevant questions which will help you to explore the likes, dislikes, and perceptions about your boyfriend in a serious way.

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