100+ Big brother happy birthday Awesome Wishes

Having a big brother is extremely beneficial in this world. He will be the one who will pamper you, caress you. He may even scold you at times but he will also hide your mistakes from the parents, especially if they are draconian ones. Some elderly brothers may not be extrovert in showing you love, but deep down they are always thinking about your well-being and success. And so, if today is the birthday of him, then you ought to give him nice, heart-warming, and cheering messages. And this is what we are writing in this post for you. Here you will find plenty of them. So let’s get started.

Yo, buddy! It seems yesterday only that I descended on this beautiful family where you were pampering me with all your kisses. I wish that the divine makes me a toddler again so I could enjoy all your lovey-dovey caring of mine like your own kid. Needless to say but you are the best big brother that any sibling could ever have. Happy birthday!

Sometimes, it is good to listen to your elder buddy who usually has seen more of life than you and at other times, it is better to give a nice boot to his behind. 🤣

It is hard for a man to be tough, to be caring, and sensitive. Add to the list, the hard work, work ethic and a happy, altruistic soul. Very rare such men come onto this planet. But I am lucky to have him and he is my dear brother.

There will always be two kinds of people that you will always encounter. Some of them will deserve your nice, warm heart and the others will deserve your hurls and abuses. In both the cases, give your very best my dear!

It is always nice to learn from other’s mistakes so my dear, you keep on making mistakes and I will learn greatly from them.

The divine always rewards us for our nice Karma, if not in the past life then certainly in this one, like he rewarded you with a nice little brother like me. What is your wonderful opinion about it dear!

More often than not, my elder bro is reading either the motivation quotes on Google or watching similar video on YouTube, when all he needs is a nice kick to his behind by me. What is your great opinion about it dear!

The best things in life often come in the form of an elderly brother who will pull your legs, scold you like a father, but would tend to your physical and emotional wounds like that of a mother.

If there would be an Oscar for looking smart on one day and a total hideous on the other hand, it would certainly go to my elder brother.

I know that you teach me a lot of things but deep down, you want to have a life that I am enjoying.

I have learnt many wonderful things in life. The best of them is how to laugh hard like Jeff Bezos and the other is how to let a disgusting fart when someone is making fun of you. Only a brother could have taught me that.

The next time you ever make fun of me, scold me or pull my leg, I will not hesitate to disclose your wildest adventures with so many women to our wonderful mommy and daddy who thinks that you are the epitome of a naive, innocent boy. So a wonderful birthday to you.

Life has been amazing with you. The reminiscent of our childhood activities often nourishes my heart and soul whenever I am feeling down and dejected. I am blessed to have someone like you.

God has certainly been more kind and generous to me than I ever deserved because he bestowed our family with a man who is the epitome of charm, charisma, but have an altruistic heart. I wish there would be more like him in this world.

Dear bro! I often wonder how the divine himself was doing when he was creating you. I now realize that he was certainly high on, only he himself knows what.

No matter how hard life may be for you dear. No matter how much we fight and disagree. When there is a need, I will lend you a helping hand, because you are more than a brother to me. You are an eternal part of my heart and soul. God bless you dear!

When I want to feel happy and want to laugh my heart out, I often look at the funny pictures of you mate!

At times, it is often good to be far apart from each other, because it makes us realize the value of our near and dear ones.

When there is an elderly person in your house of same age group, then it allows you to understand gravity and aging easily. Thank you dear for letting me learn all of it.

You may have come earlier in our family but it will always be me who will remain the apple of eye for mommy and daddy. Haha, Kidding dear!

At times, when you scold me, I often look at your face at night while you are sleeping because, at that moment, I am hurling abuses to you, of course in a way that you don’t wake up. But today, a happy birthday to you. May you scold me less and pamper me more.

Some big brothers will not show their love and compassion for you openly but when the need arises, they will lend all their support without you even asking from them.

You do know right, that the birthday is certainly of you but we are going to do the shopping for me as usual.

Closing Thoughts

Coming up with a nice, heart touching message for people you care, is difficult. And when the birthday is of your big brother, then the stakes are even higher because he deserves the finest message from his sibling. Words really have the power to cheer our heart and to bring a smile onto our face and we hope you enjoyed reading the above messages which we wrote from our heart. We will ofcourse add more such messages in this post from time to time. Please let us know your valuable feedback. Cheers!

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