100+ Birthday message for a special friend

Happy Birthday my special friend. If there is heaven on Earth, it is certainly due to a special friend like you. You are not only a friend but certainly a part of my soul. May the divine keeps our friendship alive for eternity. A very happy birthday once again.

Every cell and fiber of my being is entrenched with your love, support and friendship. Special people like you are one in a million. I wish everyone gets an individual like you. Happy Birthday!

Its not just the good, but special deeds that we both have done in our previous lives, which is why the divine brought us together as friends in this one. I wish our bond of friendship will be alive for infinite lifetimes. Happy birthday!

Special people are the ones who not only thrive in the highs but carries them and others around them during the low phases of life. You have helped me immensely when I needed you and I will always do the same for you too. A very happy birthday to you!

There are only few people in this world who touches our heart and soul and inspire us for greatness. For me, you are that special friend. God bless you dear. May there be more like you in this world. Happy Birthday!

The world would be peaceful, nicer and more thriving if there were more altruistic and special individuals like you. I hope you remain special forever as today. May the gods propel you to insane success. Happy Birthday!

Ever since you have come into my life, the special moments have only gained momentum. I am thankful to the divine for giving me such a wonderful friend. All the best for your personal and professional endeavors.

We may not in close proximity as of now but my heart and soul will always feel your presence, no matter where you are. You are a special individual sent by the divine and I cherish every bit of you. Happy birthday to you dear!

We may accumulate wealth and materialistic properties but nothing can buy the fervent, vigorous and special moments with you my friend. You are truly amazing and I feel grateful to have you in my life.

Its a lovely day when God sent a heart-warming, cute and mischievous kid on this planet. Life has been like a ray of sunshine ever since our friendship and it will only blossom with time. Happy Birthday to one special friend.

For Female Special Friend birthday Message

When God wants to make a special individual, he certainly takes his time. And looking at you, you are special from both outside and inside. May the divine gives you immense success in every aspect of your life. Happy Birthday!

It takes an amazing woman to have a vulnerable feminine heart and take on the challenges of the world with all the masculine energy. I am so proud of your accomplishments dear. Happy Birthday!

The epitome of beauty, wisdom, kindness and altruism is hard to find, that too in a girl, which is what makes you even more special. Happy Birthday to an awesome girl. May you achieve all the success that your heart desires.

Our friendship has seen the ups and downs and the bond has been forged even deeper.

On this occasion, I really have to admit dear, that you are not ageing like a fine wine but reverse ageing actually and all I want is to know how 😀 But happy birthday to you!

Your beauty is soaring through the roof with every passing year. May you continue to glow and reach immense heights of success, way higher than your expectations. A very happy birthday to a special girl.

The bonds of our friendship will always be eternal. You are an intrinsic part of my life and I wish there would be more finer women like you in this world. To my special lady friend, mighty birthday wishes to you!

Two Special friends may not agree with everything but they certainly respect, admire and are transparent with each other. And this is why our friendship has thrived over the years. God bless us both and a happy birthday to you!

Inspiring message of Birthday for Special Friend

It takes a lot of heat and pressure on the diamonds to make them sparkle like a god send star. I am sure your struggles will do the same for you too. Keep the faith my special friend because success may be very near to you. Happy birthday!

Legends has rightly said that the desire to achieve success is akin to the desire of trying to breathe under the water. Don’t worry about the failures. Continue with you efforts because the divine is readying to reward you. Happy Birthday special!

Its absolutely true that awareness is all that matter because the rest can be easily acquired from it.

Nobody is given special talents and abilities but some larger than life figures like you make the most of them. I take this moment to admit that you have been an inspiring and special individual in my life. I wish you all the best.

Life becomes awesome when one is chasing the dream and the special friend is always there to propel him forward. I am grateful to have someone like you! Happy birthday my special buddy!

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