100 + Sweet Birthday wishes for Everyone

Happy Birthday to the cute little sweet munchkin. It is rightly said that too much of sweetness can only be good if it comes from a wonderful person like you. May all your desires come true!

The riches, wealth and materialistic things all goes vain in life if one does not have a loving, sweet and supportive friend like you. You have done way for me than I expected. Happy Birthday to an amazing person.

While one may have a sweet, gorgeous face but it is harder to difficult to have that same trait in our hearts. I am glad that you are not only beautiful from outside but from inside too.

Today is the day when you will be taking us for a fine, exuberant outing. My taste buds are ready for tonight!

May the divine keeps elevating your beauty every passing year. May you never age and always welcomes be radiant, joyous and gorgeous as you are today.

its only the fittest minds that have been able to absorb relentless criticism and leg pulling. Congratulations for it. You are one of few in the world : D

Every sweet thing in life needs to nurtured and nourished from time to time. I hope my birthday wish does the same for you. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

its the day where you are allowed to gorge on food like a dog because that’s what will be doing tonight without any inhibitions.

Our life has witnessed so many sweet and sour, the highs and lows and ups the downs moment. But the ride has been a roller coaster and I couldn’t have asked for anything other. Happy Birthday to a sweet individual from divine.

Our journey has been fulfilling and lively ever since you have come into my life. I am sure there are plenty of such moments more in our life.

We certainly must have done some great things in life as the divine brought us together in this one. May the bond continues stays alive and thriving for next thousand of years.

They say that wisdom increases with age. I beg to differ because that’s not true for everyone. Some sweet, naive souls take a long long time to acquire it 😀 Happy Birthday to you dear!

The divine always rewards the kind, hard-working souls with the sweetest gifts in life. May you never give up hope. Keep the pursuit high dear! Happy Birthday!

A positive person like you is so valuable than thousands of my acquaintances who only pretend to be our well-wishers.

Your personality is like that of a rainbow with all the different shades of enthusiasm, vigor, craziness and a host of lively ones. May you always remain lively and cheerful like this. Lots of love to you dear!

Its no secret that this entire planet would be nicer and sweeter if there will be more people like you. Your naive, tender and vulnerable heart is all one need to share their heart out. May you stay the same forever. A wonderful birthday to you dear!

There may not be any substitute to hard work and persistence but faith in the divine can carry you leaps and bounds beyond your expectations.

May you shackle the prison of your mind and pursue your interests which you always wanted to do since childhood.

Far Away sweet Birthday wishes

Our hearts may be far away but they are surely tied up with the invisible and lovely strings of love, respect and admiration. We are going to have a blast when we meet again. Happy Birthday!

We are lucky to be born in an era where being being able to stay in touch is so damn possible despite the oceans, mountains and rivers between us.

Its only the distances that make us realize the worthiness of other individuals. And I am sure this has taught the same to both of us. May you come back soon. Happy birthday dear!

I am sure you are feeling a bit relieved because of the far distance from me 😀 Don’t be too happy because I am gonna pampered and drown you my love, kisses and hugs again. Happy Birthday dear!

its only a blessing of the divine that gives us people with whom our thought and wavelength matches, doesn’t matter if we are far apart for some time. I hope you our partnership will always continue. May god bless you with eternal happiness. A very happy birthday to you!

Sweet wishes about Ageing on Birthday

It doesn’t matter how you look from outside. As long as you feel like a teenage girl, you are absolutely fine, and frankly speaking, me too! 😀

The placebo effect of lying through your teeth for age is now starting to show its real effect on you. You look sweet, innocent, just like an angel 🙂

We may be well past our society’s standards of youthful age but the fire is still alive in our heart and belly. I pray to the divine to keep it like that forever. A very happy birthday to you!

Your pace of learning might have reduced over the years but at least you are still learning when others have transformed into a couch potato.

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