Bob Proctor, legendary Personal Development coach passes away at 88

Bob Proctor will always be a renowned name in the Personal Development industry. The man who started in this business under the mentorship of the legendary pioneer Earl Nightingale has influenced millions of people around the world for a happiness, health and wealth.

The news of his passing was disclosed to the followers by his partner Sandy Gallagher through an email. Bob was 88 years of age and looked as healthy as ever in his last video couple of days ago.

Cause of death of Bob Proctor

The cause of death has not been revealed by the investigation authorities and neither any foul play is being detected. Proctor is famous for authoring You were Born rich, which was New York’s time best selling book. But what gave him an overnight fame was his appearance in the widely popular film The Secret in 2006.

Proctor is survived by his two sons, one daughter and wife Linda Proctor. Bob was 26 years of age when he achieved financial freedom through his cleaning services. After learning the fundamentals of Law of Attraction from various mentors, Proctor decided to step into the Personal Development industry and has helped millions of people with his material.

Who is Sandy Gallagher, his business partner?

Sandy Gallagher owns 50% of the Proctor Gallagher institute. She worked with banks and attended Proctor’s seminars years ago. After realizing that her true passion lies in coaching and mentoring people, she put up a proposal to Bob of helping his company achieve major profits through her programs and financial knowledge. Impressed by the results she achieved, Bob Proctor decided to partner with Sandy on 50 – 50 basis.

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