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Every person wishes to work for a goal-oriented and purposeful Boss. But it’s the icing on the cake when your boss is cool, light-hearted, and full of life also. It makes it easy for the employees to enjoy funny banter with such boss from time to time, knowing fully well that they can take laughter from them very well. If you have such a boss, and if today is his/her birthday, then what could be better than in sending some funny wishes for them!! And this is the aim of writing this post. We have prepared some real hilarious laughing birthday wishes for the boss that will invoke laughter from them.

Wishing your boss with a funny message can be stand out, and lively. Its not everyday that you get a chance to say something funny to your Boss. So if its the Boss birthday, then you can send him or her a funny birthday wish. But coming up with Boss funny birthday wishes is more challenging than it seems to be. And this is why we have got your back. This post all the posts that your Boss will find hilarious on their birthday.

I wish you a magnificent birthday dear Boss! May you take a day off, enjoy yourself with your friends and family, instead of coming down to the office to check on our work. 😀

All of us have decided to send you a nice heartwarming, and a special gift for a special boss. We are also sending our finest wishes and blessings for you, along with the heavy invoice of course. May you have change for the Cash on Delivery!

Some of the under rated happiness in life is getting paycheck on time. Thank you for doing that most of the time. Happy Birthday!

Dear Boss! Tonight is the night when we will eventually move into a right direction after work. By right direction, I mean pub tonight. Happy Bithday to you!

Boss Funny Birthday Wishes

You are not only a great boss but a mentor and someone who will always help us in crucial times. So proud to be working under your leadership.

May the divine bestows you and your family with great health, happiness and success.. May you achieve greater success in the coming years.

You are the super power that keeps this place running with perfection. May there be more bosses like you in this world. Happy Birthday dear Boss!

It is nice to fast at times knowing that the birthday boss will take out on a nice trip.

I am sure we are going to have some relaxation in the office as you won’t be coming up due to your birthday.

At times we don’t get a Boss what we want but with more than that. Thanks for being an awesome boss over the years.

One of your best employees is sending you a nice birthday gift. May you bestow him with a nice pay raise this year.

If someone had an appetite for constructive criticism, it would be my boss.

Happiness is deciding on a nice birthday gift for your boss from the budget of the organization. May a nice outing also be on the card on this auspicious day.

Despite so many years of experience and skills, I still go haywire with the work when I hear you are coming to the office.

It is the only female boss like you that inspires us guys to take shower, dress up wonderfully and smell nice each and every day of the office. Thank you for instilling this wonderful habit in us Boss!

You have always inspired us to work crazy hard. But today we will teach you how to party like the Bellatrix Lestrange from the harry potter movie.

I was contemplating about taking a day off from the office but then the thought of birthday came into my mind. I have been fasting for a couple of days and I thought to break it by going berseck on your wonderful wine and dine for all of us tonight! I hope that’s the plan for today! oh, Happy Birthday by the way!

You have always bestowed us with the mantra that work hard and party even harder, right!! So we have been work hard upto the previous day and today we are just coming to the office to sing you happy birthday song and then to sit on our ***es all day long.

You may or may not believe it but today is the day when you will actually be receiving all the blessings and wishes from all of the employees instead of the few curses. 😀

They say that the Almighty bless us with everything if we make him happy. What better way would be to make him happy than by giving me a promotion. Ain’t it right, boss!!

I admit, my most productive work and creative ideas at the office have come when you were sitting right on my ***. I hope I will finally be able to do that regularly without your proximity of course.

Will finally have all your attention…

Today is the only day in the year where you will give us all your ear for having the birthday party tonight. I hope the party happens in the favorite night club of the town.

Today is the day where I will be working without any pressure because I know that you will not spoil your mood in scolding me if I make some mistake, right!!!

I always wishes you worked a lot less harder, so that it would give us an excuse to work even lesser. But no! You are just raising the bar with every passing year. 😀

Its great that Hitler is not alive today or even he would have been fearful of our strict but kind-hearted boss.

Makes it easy to accept your criticism

I have decided to come without breakfast today. It is your kind responsibility to make sure that we get the perfect birthday breakfast.

Legends have always said to work harder and smarter without any expectation of the end result. You have instilled this wonderful habit in us by making us work like nuts without the rise in pay scale. I am thankful to you for permeating this wonderful habit in us. 😀

It is no wonder that your Breathtaking beauty and gorgeous looks help us in absorbing your harsh and constructive criticism with ease.

Sometimes, it is easier for me to f**k up the work just by merely thinking about you. Your effect is profound upon me. I guess that will make you happy!

Closing Thoughts

So these were some of the amazing hilarious wishes for your Boss. We are sure that your Boss will absolutely love them. Wishing him or her a funny message keeps the dynamics lively between a boss and employee and birthday is the perfect occasion for that. We will ofcourse keep updating this post from time to time. You can let us know your feedback in the comment section. Make sure to send such a message to your Boss only if you think he has that personality of a jovial nature, so that the joke will invoke laughter from him/her instead of the scolding. 😀 We will keep on adding more funny wishes in this post from time to time. Feel free to leave your feedback. And let us know if you want to contribute to this post through the comment section. If we decide to add your wish to this one, we will also credit you with your name!

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