100+ Boyfriend Birthday Funny Hilarious Wishes

It is no easy task to keep the flame high in a relationship. Occasional banter and funny messages are imperative between a guy and a girl. A couple has to look for occasions to throw in humor. And if today is the birthday of your boyfriend, then nothing could be better than to wish him a funny hilarious birthday message. Coming up with them at the needed hour is often challenging and this is why we have prepared this post. Here you will find some amazing birthday wishes for your boyfriend.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. You have achieved a great milestone today. Wishing you a great birthday bash tonight coupled with a separate outing with me.

Whether the birthday is of you or mine, we know who is going to throw the party.

There is a serious dearth of good wishes on the Internet but thanks to Facebook, Google, and Az1 that I found a perfect wish for my boyfriend i.e. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Boyfriend Funny Happy Birthday Wish

Sometimes, the divine blesses us with more than what we expect as he bestowed you with a wonderful girl in the form of me.

Arguments and naggings are done in relationships to keep the spark alive. By the way, the winner of them is always pre-decided.

They say that hard work always pays off. It certainly paid off for my handsome boyfriend as his charm was enough to sweep me off my feet. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

A great thing that my boyfriend taught me is how to stay young forever i.e. by lying through the teeth.

It makes the heart happy to see a partner like you who is charming, and hard working. May you work hard tonight to prepare a special meal tonight for my boyfriend!

I know your hands feel good when they touch me. And my legs feel better when they kick your behind!

On this special day, I am sending you a nice wonderful gift, along with an equally special invoice. May you keep the cash change ready for the delivery guy. Happy Birthday!

No matter how sincerely I ask you for criticism, you are only allowed to say that agree with mine.

You may feel overwhelmed with lots of birthday gifts, then feel free to share them with me.

We both are living proof that aging does not necessarily equate to more wisdom.

In the last year, we have set a new benchmark, for laziness.

Between you and me, the best thing is about the rate of aging more for you than for me. May it remains the same forever.

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