Salman Butt says India needs to look beyond Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

Speaking on his Youtube channel, Salman Butt raised concern about the lack of pace of Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and that the bowler needs to do something about it. Kumar was unable to create an impact in the recently concluded ODI series against SA where his pace was hovering between 125 – 130 kmph.

“Bhuvaneshwar Kumar seriously needs to work to regain his pace. For speeds in the range of 125 – 130 kmph, he will not be able to trouble the batsmen unless he has something special like Mohammad Asif had or where the conditions are suitable for seam and swing movement.

If the keeper (Rishabh Pant) has to stand up near the wickets, then what you will be able to do as a fast bowler? They (Indian think tank) needs to move in a direction to have bowlers who can create fear in the mind of the batsman. Batsmen do not have to give a second thought if there is no speed from the bowler.”

After 2019 World Cup, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar returned to the shorter format Indian side in the T20 World Cup. The bowler had to endure two injuries in those two years and has comeback has been far from impressive. Nehra back in October 2021 said “At this moment, Bhuvi is nowhere near his best. I understand the struggles of coming back from injuries. He will need another six months of training and he will be back at his best,”

Kumar has scalped 141 and 63 wickets ODI and test respectively till now and has been dropped from the ODI series against the West Indies. He is given a chance in the ODI series though.

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