100+ Classy captions for Instagram

Sometimes we want to display our classy side to the world. But coming up with them is not easy. There is a very small margin of error between cheesy and classy. And you could unintentionally write a cheesy caption instead of a classy one on Instagram. This is the reason we are writing this post for you. Here you will find tons of classy IG captions that will display your cool side of the personality to the world. So without wasting any more time, let us get started.

When style met intelligence, I came into this world.

Life is 50% of what we do and 50% of what we react!

You don’t need instructions to handle me. You only need basic common sense.

Money gives you hundred reasons to be happy. But you need only ONE!

When Fear strikes my mind, I strike it back with my ACTION.

The way to my heart is through my stomach!

You wanna be my friend. Have some class!

Success is the tightest slap you can give to your haters!

There is nothing perfect because there is always room for improvement!

Life isn’t perfect but who even wants it!

Happiness is talking myself all day in superlative terms!

When I see the word impossible written, I go and Fart on it.

If you have big dreams, stay away from narrow minded people.

God help me If I become my own enemy!

My failures propel me to success. Kudos to them!

Intuition guides you unconditionally.

I am my own favorite.

When the world sleeps, I am awake, chasing my goals and visions!

Don’t try to copy me! You will be sent a copyright notice!😎

The vibe of the days are decided by ME, myself and I.

You may be able to buy anything but my honesty and sincerity is not on sale.

I don’t need a special diet. My metabolism rocks!

Good time matters. I am not here for the long one.

You may have to live once but once is enough if you lived right.

Emotional quotient trumps Intelligent Quotient, every SINGLE fucking time!

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going.

The best people in this world are those who keep making themselves better.

I am easy to be befriended but certainly not by the a**holes.

Why argue with stupid people when your silence can irritate them!

When defeat knocks you down, stand up, then move or crawl.

Some people are born with class and charm.

Nothing like a solo company.

Boys follow trends, men define standards!

Happy people are often beautiful looking.

For Girls & Women

When class and wisdom meets, the result is me, myself and I.

I may not be model beautiful but I can knock your socks off 😎 if you know what I mean.

Wanna Impress me? Prepare me a fantabulous meal.

Crazy and wise women are hard to find, until you meet the one you are staring at!

You may shut my mouth but not my will to succeed.

Beware haters! My bitchy behavior mode is ON.

Classy is when a woman invites her man to be the king of her empire.

When it comes to beauty of divine, the sky is the limit.

I seek opportunities to win not to feel victim.

Pretty girls don’t cry easily. They give Tit for Tat.

The best way to get over a man, is to get under another one. 😜

I love to hug some people and I love to kick some too.

I am both angel and hellborne fire, depending on your attitude towards me.

For Boys & Men

Boys chase sex and Women chase Men!

Boys forget and never forgive whereas men forgive easily but never forget!

I am not only taller in height but in attitude too!

Characters are made in crises only.

Men may break rules but not promises and word.

When money comes, even haters start licking your ***

Men do not argue with stupid women. They instead ignore them!

When the chips are down, men rises up!

There is a season of sowing and there is the season of reaping but we never do both in the same season.

When a man laser focus his desire, even the mountains move!

Boy needs hair to flaunt style. Men can even rock baldness.

Men don’t fight unnecessarily. But if the need arises, they kick asses.

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