Complete your 4 overs and just chill : When Dhoni comforted Yuzvendra Chahal in 2018 T20 match

Everyone knows how valuable MS Dhoni has been not only as a captain but also as a guide and mentor. His prediction from behind the wickets and understanding of the batsman on the particular pitch was phenomenal. Speaking to Ravichandran Ashwin on his show DRS with Ash, Yuzvendra Chahal recounts how MS Dhoni advised the leg-spinner when he went away for 64 runs in four overs.

“We were playing against SA in 2018 and at that time Heinrich Klaasen took me apart and I went for 64 runs in four overs. So Mahi bhai suggested me to try from the other side. So I came from round the wicket but still Klaasen hit me for six over mid wicket, which was probably the biggest boundary of the ground.” said Chahal

“So then Dhoni came up to me and I asked what to do now? He said I just came to see you. Dhoni said to me and said ‘I know its not your day. You tried everything you could. So don’t think too much and complete your four overs quota and just chill.'”

Elaborating how important it is not scold someone during that time, Chahal continued “If someone scolds you right at that moment, then your confidence goes down even further. Mahi bhai told me that its a matter of just one match and that I have done well in the ODIs. The rest are also here to play”

Yuzvendra made a comeback into the ODI squad in the SA ODI series and is also a part of the ODI squad for the West Indies home series. He has taken 99, 64 139 wickets so far in ODI, T20I and IPL respectively.

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