Cousin Sister Funny Birthday Wishes | Female Cousin Bday

Have a wonderful birthday my lovely cousin. With every passing year, you are becoming a head turner and charming. The world would be such a nice place if there would be more beautiful ladies like you. Happy Birthday dear Cousin!

To my wonderful cousin sister, who has time and again surpassed her mischievousness. Life has been amazing with a wonderful cousin like you. May the divine bless you with great health, happiness, and joy.

The last couple of years have been some of the best of my life courtesy to a wonderful cousin sister like you. Wishing you great success in all your personal and professional endeavors. All the best my dear!

Real high fives to my wonderful aunt for popping a wonderful cousin like you. Wishing you all the love, luck, and health.

May you say “Cheese” loud and clear tonight. Its the day when you made your way into this Earth. Have an awesome party tonight.

If there is one girl who can pull my legs and still not get a whack on her behind is my cousin sister.

Hey dear! I was thinking of giving you a wonderful awesome gift today but then realized you already have me in the form of a cousin sister. So ain’t no gift for this birthday. Happy Birthday by the way!

Happiness is spending quieter moments with my awesome sister. May the divine bless a cousin sister like you to every family. God bless you, dear!

It is evidently clear that we would have snatched each other’s hair if we were real sisters. Being cousin is the best thing I guess.

You are not the sister I have had always wanted. In fact, you are more than that. Happy Birthday my cousin!

An awesome cousin like my sister deserves a special gift for her birthday. Sending you lots of wishes, greetings, and loads of cool gifts, along with an equally amazing invoice. May you keep the change ready.

The best thing I have learned from my cousin sister is how to stay young, charming, and youthful for eternity. The answer is by lying through teeth.

Luck is when your gorgeous cousin is also your best friend with whom you can share your heart out.

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