100+ Happy Birthday dear crazy friend

Life is all about having people and friends by your side who have varied tastes, perceptions, and personalities. While it may be beneficial to have stable habits sometimes going berserk on harmless activities rejuvenates our mind and body better. Sometimes, in order to come out of the shell of our insecurities, we may have to resort to our out of comfort zone where we can push ourselves to grow. And this is exactly where a crazy friend comes in extremely handy. The likes of them are the center of attraction, and they inject a lot of enthusiasm into the environments wherever they go. So, if today is the birthday of one of such friends, then giving him an appropriate wish will only enliven his being. And this is what this post is all about.

Life has been like a roller coaster ride with you. Your ability to make the most of any moment is astounding. You may not be perfect, but your magnetism and aura can bring anyone out of their stress and negative thoughts. I wish you immense happiness, joy, and crazy on this birthday! God bless you, my crazy friend!

Thank you for making me at the receiving end of your tantrums, hurls, and abuses, and whatnot. Do remember that all of those will be balanced tonight with interests, in the form of an extravagant party and shopping for me.

You are the kind of friend I despise about having you because you get us in all sorts of trouble situation. But you are the also one that my heart yearns for in order to be joyous and cheerful in life.

Love and respect is more than enough in a friendship and therefore, I have decided to send you lots of it on this birthday, instead of a gift. Looking forward to a nice outing tonight.

I am waiting a lot of your dreams and visions to come into reality. Once you acquire the riches, I hope you will make me rich too. That’s what good friends are there for Isn’t it.

You have propelled me out of my comfort zone many times not because of your sweet talks, but because of your hard kick on my behind. I wish there be more such crazy friends like you in this world.

You have been amazing through this year. You have set up a new benchmark of laziness. Many many Congratulations.

If there is a skill to become a hobbit like creature from a James bond dashing man, then a good friend like you can teach it to many people. 🤣

Sometimes, while staring at the stars in the night sky, I often think about how to make more fun of you in different scenarios.

We have been through the thick and thin but we never let go of the support of each other.

You not only make me happy but anger too. Sometimes, I feel like hugging you and sometimes I feel like you kicking our butt. Its a great accomplishment for you!

You know a lot of stuff about me than you should know and I pray to the divine to remove all those things from your mind at the earliest.

There are not many people in this world who can make fun of me, pull my legs and still get away without receiving an equally powerful kick on their ***. Don’t be happy my friend because you are certainly not on that list.

I wonder where I would be without you. Oh yeah, somewhere at a better place. But I certainly enjoy your company like hell. 😎

I have learnt to accept myself flaws and imperfections and my crazy attitude which makes me a unique part in this universe, all because of you. The world would be so much nicer, cooperative and fun loving, if there would be more awesome people like you.

The divine has bestowed different hues of personality like the rainbow, with each being crazier and invigorating that the previous one. May you always stay like this forever.

Your presence injects life into any party. You may blurp out a lot sometimes, but it only makes the atmosphere more alive. I wonder from where you inherited this trait 🤣

All throughout life, I have saved your *** from your daddy, mommy, principle, ex -gfs and from their boyfriends. In short, I am your life savior and therefore, I deserve a special king size treatment today on your birthday.

It is important to have some friends in life with whom we can borrow money and never think about returning it like you are to me.

Closing thoughts

It is good to have a roller coaster ride once in a while. And nothing could be better than to have such a friend with whom you can enjoy such a ride. We may or may not agree with everything of our dear friends but difference in opinions should never led to resentment and anger. You may not like every activity of your crazy friend but we can always find a common interest and have a exhilarating moments with them. We hope that you liked the crazy wishes in this post. We prepared them with a lot of heart and motivation and we will continue to keep updating with more and more. If you would like to add a wish of your own, feel free to reply in the comment. We will add it in this post and will give you credits too.

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