50+ Quotes on Get Confidence back & work hard like crazy

We all face ups and downs, the highs and lows of life. It is a natural sinus rhythm of life. However, at times we can feel stuck at the low phase or there may be failures in our life which makes us lose faith in our abilities. Legends have pointed it correctly that it is easier to work hard when your self-esteem is high. But when we are filled with doubt and negativity, we have to muster all the strength in order to do even the minuscule tasks.

This is why it is imperative to remind ourselves of our worth. Just like bathing and brushing, we should aside a few minutes daily in order to talk about ourselves in superlative terms because we are built in the image of God. In this post, you will find plenty of motivating quotes that will not only notch up your confidence but will inspire you to work hard like crazy. Some of these are from famous people while the rest are anonymous ones gathered from the Internet.

There is a season of sowing the seeds and there is a season of reaping the rewards. But we never do both in the same season. The seeds of your today’s hard work will grow into fruitful rewards in the coming years.

Some of the best things in life often come with putting in the work. The divine certainly made me capable of achieving those things.

Tough times do not last forever but tough people do. Not only that, they actually become tougher too.

Hard work will probably take you to places where no talent will.

If you learned something that is not serving you, doesn’t mean that you are doomed for life! The biggest winners of the 21st century will be those who can learn, unlearn and relearn.

People in the top 1% of the world have one thing in common. They really think!

There is no success without receiving failures. When we keep moving, our enthusiasm remains fresh and uplifting. When we sit, doubt and negativity creep into our minds and our enthusiasm starts to stale just like standing water.

If people come to realize that you are extremely determined, hard-working, and persistent, they will think twice about challenging or belittling you.

There is no such thing as overnight success. It is often the result of hard work for a good no. of years.

I work hard because I love my work. — Quote by Bill Gates

The Almighty blessed me with all the talent and abilities that I will ever use in this lifetime. My gift to God would be to develop as much of that talent and abilities in this lifetime.

Success is often the natural by product of going through the journey with enthusiasm and vigor.

There is no such thing as inherent talent. Every worthwhile skill is acquired through work ethic and persistent efforts.

Quotes on Confidence, Talent, and Hard Work for your business

Every business thrives not because of the funds of the angel investors but because of the hard work and nurturing of it by the owner.

One big success is all you need in order to wipe out 1000s of failures.

Passion is often the absence of resentment and negativity in life and quadruples with the intent of providing people with valuable products & services.

No matter how great your product or service is, there will always be a room to better it.

It is only our insecurities that makes us work not hard enough. If you would imagine yourself living in a paradise, you would want to be engaged with life every waking hour and work.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Quote by Winston Churchill.

Hard work should be aimed at simplifying a problem so that it becomes easy for the masses. There is another kind of hard work too, and that is in doing unproductive things.

Every business goes through an uncertain period where only the love, passion, and hard work of the people can make it formidable for the coming years.

People who are successful in business make quick decisions and change it slowly, if they ever have to. People who do not succeed usually take a long time to make a decision, and often make changes very quickly.


There is no better friend for us than we ourselves. Circumstances are usually not that much of a problem but it is our own mind that exaggerates it on our inner world. The world would be so much better if people would come up, pick up and support each other, instead of feeling envious and self-centric. That day will come too in the future. But as of now, you are your best friend who can move the mountains if he/she wants. Putting in the work is really not that difficult if you really like it. While it may not reward us instantaneously, the future rewards are worth every minute of waiting. We hope that you have enjoyed the confidence and hard work quotes in this post. We will keep on adding more to them in the coming days.

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