100+ Crazy Humorous Birthday Wishes

We all have many friends and family relatives, and some of them are just crazy energetic people that forge a lasting impression on us. Needless to say, when the occasion is of birthday, we ought to prepare some special wishes for such individuals. In this post, we have written awesome such wishes for their birthday. We are sure that the recipients will enjoy reading them. So let’s get started.

When the divine wants to create a crazy, wild child, he takes your DNA into references. Some achievement is that.

Some friends in life need to be crazy as hell otherwise we don’t get to witness the joy of life. You are that crazy friend for me, dear. A very happy birthday to you.

Today is the day when you came screaming into this world while the rest of us were smiling and cheering. 😜 Hahah!!

We may acquire any amount of material wealth, properties and success but none of it could replace the fervent, vibrant and vigor moments with a friend like you. Happy Birthday to you!

I never knew life is meant to be a roller coaster ride until I met my hilarious, adrenaline pumped up friend with all the energy in the world.

Achieving success requires the desire akin to that of taking deep breaths under water.

Only an awesome woman can be beautiful from both outside and inside. I admire your altruism and wish there be more women like you in this world.

The real woman in this world is the one who does not hue and cries for the setbacks in her life. In fact, she makes strides and her will power enlivens everyone around her. I wish her a very happy birthday today.

There is an unwritten clause in every friendship and ours have it that I can laugh at you for any reason whereas you are not allowed to do that.🤣. But a wonderful birthday to you. May you cheerful personality become more charm and charismatic with every passing year.

When you are shooting a big star, you need exuberant energy around you all the time. I am that awesome friend for you 😍. May you achieve way more than your expectations.

A lot of worthwhile things are hard in life but my dear friend possess the ability to achieve them, if he of course gives his 100%.

I always used to believe that the divine does not bless exactly what we deserve.

No matter how my day has been, your presence and lively talks are more than enough to wipe out the stress from every fiber of my being.

There is no greater pleasure in the world than the anticipation of something. So for your birthday today, I am sending you a nice gift of …. anticipation for the gift for your next birthday. 😜 May you be very happy and excited till then.

Somethings in life can never be explained. They can only be felt like our awesome friendship.

I must salute your Mom for eating the diet when you were in womb, that produced one of the craziest and wise people I have ever seen in my life.

I am sure that your Mommy and Daddy must be puzzled by having a child like you with awesome passion and craziness for life. The world would be so much better if there would be more people like you.

Happiness is when a friend like you pulls my legs and I then get to whack your butt with a powerful kick. No pleasure like it.

I must admit that after being with you, I can only say that the Almighty was super high when he was creating you.🤣 But luckily for you, you turned pretty alright with an extra dosage of crazyness.

I will bow my head to the most erudite scientist in this world who can measure the craziness of my amazing friend. You are epitome of wiser, calm and surprisingly crazy guy when the need arises. Life feels enliven when we are together. So grateful to have you.

When you have rich friends, you do not have to worry about borrowing money from them and then returning it after😜

The easiest cure for a depressed mind is not prozac but a fabulous friend, full of energy and vitality, the likes of whom can even bring the corpse back into life. May every person in this world gets a friend like you.

A wild, hot tempered and gorgeous friend is only good as the amazing friend who tolerates her tantrums. Isn’t it my dear😎. But since it’s your birthday today, we will speak about your positives only🤣

We may be far apart from each other but don’t you dare forgot to give me a nice wine and dine when I return. As for now, enjoy your birthday!😂

Legends have it that we witness heaven after our departure. However, I believe that heaven is here on Earth when we have a bunch of crazy, wild friends with us who gives us the highs (and the lows too🤣) of life.

Ever since you have come into my life, the crazy moments have gained a solid momentum. I hope this trend continues forever. May you be wild and crazy for the rest of your life😎

Those car chases, adrenaline-pumping skirt chases, and stomach-aching laughter can only be experienced with a divine sent friend. And that amazing friend is you. May you acquire success beyond your wildest expectations. Happy Birthday to you.

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