Cricket Australia open to multiple coaches across formats

Cricket Australia is open to the possibility of having multiple coaches across formats in order to distribute the load of the head coach. The new chairman Lachlan Henderson believes that it makes it difficult for a single coach to handle the team across all three formats.

“I think it is a very time-consuming role for one individual and maybe a more distributed method of coaching is the way of the future,” Henderson spoke to ABC radio when asked about the possibility of separate coaches in red-ball and white-ball format.

Cricket Australia has just recently moved on from the Langer fiasco where the former coach resigned in anger over the short-term extension that was offered against his desire for a long-term contract.

Assistant coach Andrew McDonald has been appointed as the interim head coach and Cricket Australia is on the lookout for a permanent role. Former Australian Cricketer Shane Watson also supported the idea of multiple coaches across formats which will be more sustainable in the coming years.

There is a good chance they will split the roles as I don’t think it is sustainable that everyone does every single format for a long period of time,” Watson spoke during the show ‘The ICC Review’.

The bio-bubble and countries’ regulations about Covid 19 have made it difficult for the players and coaches. Several players have pointed out the difficulty of living in a bio-bubble environment. The players and officials have to follow a strict quarantine rule if they require to leave the bio-bubble for any reason.

The game of cricket has evolved to teams having multiple teams and captains for different formats. It will not be surprising if the same concept is open for the coaches also. What are your thoughts and opinions about multiple coaches? Do mention them in the comment section.

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