Cricket Australia shuns down possibility of multiple coaches across formats

A few days ago, reports emerged that Cricket Australia were open up to the possibility of multiple coaches across formats in order to distribute the load of the head coach. However, the new chairman of Cricket Australia, Lachlan Henderson has shunned down the possibility of it and said that they are very much looking for a single head coach.

“We’ve been clear that a single head coach is what we’re going to appoint,” he said.

Despite significant achievements of maiden T20 WC and Ashes win, Cricket Australia wasn’t willing to offer a long-term deal to Langer and the coach resigned with immediate effect.

Upon being asked when the new head coach will be announced, Henderson said that the process is already underway and the announcement is likely to come after the team and officials have landed in Pakistan for the first time in 24 years.

“It’s likely that the appointment will be made well after the players and the team arrive in Pakistan. I don’t have the exact date on me, but I know that process has begun.”

Australia has plenty of cricket lined up for them for the next 12 – 18 months, including the all important T20 World Cup in their backyard which they would want to defend. The side is currently gearing up for the Pakistan tour where they will play 3 Tests, 3 ODIs and a lone T20.

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