Cricket Australia’s former Doctor reveals Warne’s heart problem was a gradual process from smoking and poor diet

A doctor who has worked for Cricket Australia has stated Shane Warne’s heart problems did not emerged overnight and that his heart condition deteriorated gradually over the course of years due to smoking and poor diet. Warne was found unresponsive in his villa where has was vacationing with other friends.

Dr Peter Brukner has previously worked with Cricket Australia and his statements indicate that the former leg-spinner had trouble with his health for a long time.

“The issue with these things is you don’t develop heart disease in a minute. It’s a very gradual process,” The doctor said during an interview with Triple M Perth.

Earlier, Warne’s manager James Erskine spoke to a news outlet and blamed the liquid diet, calling it “ridiculous” and said that the leg-spinner completed it before vacationing to Thailand villa where he was found unresponsive.

Warne earlier reported of being getting treated for Covid even after getting double vaccinated. His condition deteriorated during the Covid battle so much that he was shifted onto the ventilator.

There have been reports earlier in the public domain from various news outlets that Warne had always lived a king-size lifestyle and that his eating habits were far from healthy.

While the doctor was well aware of Warne’s health history, Warne’s passing at the age of 52 is still shocking for the doctor.

“Just unbelievable. None of us can really believe it, can we? He was a larger than life character,” Brukner said.

Former Australian keeper, Ian Healy also echoed in with the doctor’s opinion. “An early passing didn’t surprise me for Warnie. He didn’t look after his body that well. He yo-yoed up and down,” Healy spoke to The Today Show

Shane Warne’s body arrived in Australia in his home state of Melbourne today. A state memorial will be held for the former leg spinner in Victoria on 30th March.

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