1000+ Cute & lovely Instagram captions 2021

Life is all about witnessing the best of times and coping/ learning from the hard times. Sometimes, a simple reminder of our uniqueness in the world is all it takes to bring our confidence back and does wonder to our self-esteem. There are various ways to pamper ourselves and one of them is to write cute and lovely captions for ourselves. These captions can be used on Instagram, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms. In this article, we have prepared tons of captions that you will definitely enjoy. So let’s get on with these captions.

Life is Simple & endearing. It is only us who complicates it.

May there be 2 holidays in year, each of Six months.

Love is the best food in the world.

Keep your head high, and your heels too.

Things aren’t that bad that we make them to be in our mind.

Every day is an opportunity to talk yourself in superlative terms.

Confidence is the new sexy.

I don’t fight fire with Fire. I choose water Instead!

Compassion is what the world needs!

Be your own sunshine!

My tears and sorrows are only known to my teddy bear!

When you hurt me, I smile, but not when I am alone!

Happiness resides in Ice Creams!

You know only things about me that I show you.

I was born to express, not to impress.

I wish not to be the best, but to be unique!

The Merrier Me!

I need a stomach aching laughter!

No tag team like Dad & Daughter!

Me, the Trender!

Mommy is the best friend in the world!

When a cute girl stares you, consider yourself Lucky!

The secret of my fountain of youth lies between in my teeth😜

I am not free until I am Myself!

I am very hilarious, only when I am snoring!🀣

My telly belly always makes me happy!

We may not agree on many things, but that doesn’t mean I despise you!😎

You want the best in life i.e. Me, then up your goddam standards.

The real delight of life is in pampering yourself.

Perception is everything!

When you are happy, you are healthy!

You are what you believe yourself to be!

Want to pull me down? You better hope I don’t Rise up!

When the world wants you to back down, move forward twice as FAST!

Happy is my soul and charming is my aura.

When your Bestie is there for sleep over!😍

Desire is the triggering mechanism that makes our energy flow.

When we least expect, Life bestows us with surprises.

Loving yourself also means removing people from your life who simply wanna pull you down.

Lucky am I to have great friends who pick me and propel to work hard on my goals.

I am my sweetest teddy bear 😍❀

Difference of opinions is good but not difference of hearts.

I pamper myself when nobody does that to me.

An idiot can complex a simple thing whereas a genius simplifies complexity.

Wisdom has the ability to spiral down in the presence of arrogance.

I am my own favorite😜

My happiness is not dependent on anyone.

We are unique and built in the image of the Gods.

It is an art to look hideous on one day and a total head turner on the other.

It is the negatives only from which great pictures emerges. Life is like that only.

The world would be so much good if there were more nice, charming and good looking individuals like me.

When I am myself, I am tranquil and productive!

The more you want me to lick your behind, the harder I will kick you!

Every time you push yourself out of comfort zone, You Learn!

The antonym of simplicity is not “complicated”. It is Quantum Mechanics.πŸ˜‚

Life may not be perfect but our smile can be.

My right swipe Tinder Pic.

Everyone has their story of struggles.

God certainly took a long time in creating me. But the result is well worth the time.

I was born with the style DNA. Kudos to Mommy & Daddy.

The happiness is always in the journey.


Bright is the sun, soothing is the air and happier today is the ME.

Smart work and Hard work are the core ingredients of success.

Best people in the world are those who are looking to better themselves. ALL the time.

I love how people try to pull me down because they cannot accept my perfections.

No one can make me feel sad without my permission.

The most unique skill in this world is to have a fart that acts as mosquito repellant also.

I love the divine who created me.

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going.

Love is the only medicine that can heal ourselves.

Cute IG captions for Girls

Hate me or love me but you can’t ignore me!

Intuition never lets you down!

I refuse to bow down to mediocrity.

We become what we think about most.

I don’t want to be best. I simply want to be BETTER than tomorrow.

I have trained my heart to smile even when I am hurt!

Good girls accept their mistakes and move on!

Tantrums are for girls. Women find solutions!

The kind of looks that can even bring the corpse back into life.😎

When you are too happy to digest it!😜

If you like me, many congratulations. You have fantastic taste!😜

Quantum mechanics is easy. A pretty girl is hard!🀣

SHEROES have power to transform the world like no Hero.

Beliefs our made up from our experiences!

When you are happy for no reason!😍

My life! My Rules!

Time is the best healer for a broken heart!

When you rock it without any make up!

Class trumps superficial beauty, all the Time!

Those pout are not for YOU!😜

When a pretty girl curses you, BEWARE of Karma!

My smile has the power to make you!😎

When you are messy, you are pretty!

Men of all ages find enthusiasm when there are pretty girls.

Can’t match my standards? Feel free to hate me!

Feminine by face, masculine by heart!

Happiness is when I see myself in the mirror😍

Born with reverse Ageing DNA.

I love accomplishing goals that are well within my reach. :D🀣

It is an art to look adorable even with messy hair and puffy eyes.

A cute smile can dilute all the anger and resentment.

Simplicity is depending less on external validation and drawing more from the inner belief.

My Bitch mode is ON.

Real men do not let go of women of substance and quality, who in the first place are very few in this world.

My sixth sense is like the sniff of a dog.πŸ˜†

I may be hellfire or sweet angel to you, depending on your attitude towards me.

When we trust the divine, he blesses us more than what we actually deserve.

My lovely smile can make up your mood.😍

Arrogance is needed for people who are hell bent on pulling you down.

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A solo company is better than dozens of superficial folks.

Real beauty comes from charm and confidence rather than the physical attributes alone.

1 friend is better than hundreds of acquaintances.

Who says women can’t look gorgeous in their thirties?

I never knew Back bitching can be so therapeutic. 😎

A great life is composed of great health and equally great friends. Grateful to be alive.

People who like me. Many congratulations. You have great taste.😍

I am certainly my own favorite.

If you are an idiot, I may laugh my heart out, even if I don’t have to.

The hair might be messy but not my Heart.

Who says smart work is easy? πŸ˜‚

Success is accepting your failures and moving on.

Broadcasting love and affection to the Universe.

Cuteness Overloaded.

You rarely need anything for an abundant mindset.

Every girl is a celebrity in her own.

Happiness is the ability to accept both the highs and lows of life.

Real beauty is when you show your vulnerable heart to the world.

A genuine smile is all you need to wipe out days of stress.

A perfect girl is feminine looking but with masculine intent in her heart.

Good girls go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere😎

A good day starts with a good pout.

Short & Inspiring Instagram captions – For Everyone

We can regret for many things but certainly not for being grateful.

We can love others only if we love ourselves more.

Captions for your gorgeous Cute selfies

The placebo about lying my age is now starting to show its effect.πŸ˜†

Me, myself and I. The Drop dead gorgeous

Solitude calms you down!

I may be alone, but enough to take on the world!😎

Once you have taken the decision, you have taken the 1st step.

When I am happy because of you, consider yourself Lucky!

I am the sunshine that illuminates other people’s lives.

Wisdom comes to those who seek it.

Hard work does not equate to struggle.

Age doesn’t matter as long as you feel like a teenager, you are fine!😜

It was challenging for the divine to create the likes of me but he did a fabulous job.

Questions are always welcomed. It is the answer that may not be guaranteed.

I sometimes argue with the only people that are close to my heart.

Emotional Quotient will always triumph the Intelligence Quotient.

Tough times will not last, but tough people do.

Eyes are the windows to the soul.

Wisdom comes to those who seek it desperately.

Always give your very best.

This is for haters. May the smoke on your behind not be muchπŸ˜‚

Cute Simple Captions for Boys

The big dreams sparkling in those eyes.

Wanna criticize me? You better be BETTER than me!

What I want, I go after it!

I may not be best today but I am always improving πŸ™‚

Men embraces hard work. Boys run away from it.

The best medicine factory in the world lies inside your skull.

When was the last time you challenged me?.😎

There is an inner world in my heart that no one understands!

I might not be perfect but I will always be unique.

Boys need hair to flaunt. Men can even rock the baldness!

If being handsome and charming was a crime, then I would be locked up in jail for my entire life.

If you’re something I desire, feel lucky!

Great friends are those from whom you can borrow money, and never think about returning.

The joy of life is waking up with the desires and working whole day on them.

The anticipation of gift is actually much better than the physical gift itself.

Giving up is for boys. Men don’t quit on their dreams until they are dead.

Laughter, exuberance and passage of time are the best healers in the world.

It is only the heat and insane pressure that polishes the diamond.

Men are like dogs but only for the first 100 years of their life.

Ageing like a fine wine.

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Some things are hard to conquer but the result is worth the every effort.

I may lend my ears to your troubles. That does not mean I am your psychiatrist.

Sometimes people deserve my sincerity. At other times, they deserve my hard kicks to their butt.🀣

The joy of pushing yourself to the limit.

You will never get it done completely because our spiritual journey is endless and infinite.

I may not be handsome but I can always lend my helping hands to some.

Wisdom comes from hard work and mistakes and not from the wisdom tooth.

Success is enjoying your journey of hard work.

Age is just a number which definitely gets into our head though.

Accepting failures does not mean I am weaker than others.

I love honest people as much as I love to kick ass of the back stabbers.

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