Dad 60th Birthday Wishes – 60th Happy Birthday Greetings

Wonderful to see our Dad charming and spirited despite turning 60. Proves that age is just a number.

You have taught us to treat the highs and lows of life with equal enthusiasm. May there be more dads like you in this world.

Hey Dad! Its no wonder that you are the best dad any one could ever have. You have been our ardent supporter in every endeavor of life. May you live for many more years and centuries. Lots of love and luck on turning 60. Happy Birthday.

You are the quintessential dad who pampered and scold us at the right times. Our upbringing is hugely influenced by you and we are beyond blessed to have an awesome dad like you. May you achieve eternity. Lots of love to you dad. Happy 60th birthday to you.

Where there is a will, there is always a way. Thank you for infusing all the best qualities in us. May every child gets a dad like you. Welcome to the sixties. Happy Birthday.

I may not be the perfect child but you are certainly the perfect dad. Thanks for always being there by my side. I wish more dads be like you in the world. Happy 60th birthday.

You may have turned sixty but you are still handsome, charming and gorgeous like you heydays. May you always be like this. Happy sixtieth birthday to you.

Life may give everything but having a dad like you is the best thing that one can ever have. Your smile and exuberance brightens up my day. I am so happy to have someone like you as my dad. Happy 60th birthday.

Happiness is having a dad like you whose blessings will always be there upon us. You are the awesome personality that inspires us and we wish every child in the world gets a father like you. Happy 60th birthday to you daddy.

A wise man had once concentrated the thought in me that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. That wise man is my dad who has jumped onto the sixties. May you always be my dad in all the next lifetimes. Happy 60th birthday dear.

The hardest success often comes when one has the blessings of one’s dad. May your blessings be always upon me like this.

It is no wonder that when the divine created my father, he blessed him with all the manly traits of the universe. There is no one like you dear father! A very Happy Birthday!

Nothing more us more happiness than the smile of my Dad. You are the best in the world.

The divine gave us the finest gift ever i.e. you, a father who sacrificed so much for our upbringing and happiness. Kudos to you!

Blessed are the souls who have an awesome like you. May your health, charm, and charisma always be on top. Happy Birthday to our dearest dad.

You have always supported us during the bad times and have played a crucial part in our success.

A wise man once said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

You have influenced my perception to achieve the best in life. I am so grateful to have a father like you. Happy Birthday!

It is amazing to have a father like you who can be a mentor, guide, and be like a brotherhood.

You may have turned sixty but your enthusiasm still gives the young men a run of their money.

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