Dad 70th birthday Wishes – 70th Dad Cheerful Wishes

Many many happy returns of the day on your 70th Birthday. You are the best Dad that the world has ever seen. May you live for another 70 more years at least. Cheers to your Birthday Daddy!

When the divine wants to create a handsome, charming and energetic person, he takes the reference of my wonderful Dad. I wish there be more dads like you in this world. Happy 70th Birthday.

No one has been more instrumental in our success than our awesome Dad. You are the quintessential father who deserves all the happiness in the world. Happy 70th Birthday Father.

A legend taught me that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Its the birthday of the legend i.e. Dad. Needless to say, you are awesome.

God may not give us what we want every time but sometimes, he blesses us with more than that.

A smile on your face makes my day. May we always be Father and daughter for eternity. Happy 70th Birthday.

There have been inspiring folks who have carved out of business of their own in their seventies. May you be one of them Dad.

We may debate and fight sometimes but our love and respect for each other will always be there for eternity. May your umbrella of love and blessings always be upon me. Happy seventieth birthday.

Happiness is seeing your Dad thriving and kicking alive like his younger days. May you live for thousand of another years.

I may not be the best Son in the world but you are certainly the best Dad that any child could have.

The world be so much peaceful, thriving and cooperative if there would be more dad like you.

Your presence in our life has propelled us to success, health and prosperity. We wish the divine bless you with years of success, happiness and prosperity.

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