Dad Funny Birthday Wishes | Special Funny Bday Greetings

There is no better occasion to wish your Dad Funny wishes than on his birthday. Dad sacrifices many things in life in order to provide the best for their children. In return, the least they expect is love, care, and respect. By giving Dad funny birthday wishes, you will not only bring a smile to his face but will make him feel grateful for his Sons and daughters like you. So let’s get down to the wishes without wasting any time.

Dad Funny Birthday Wishes

Dear Dad! Don’t you worry at all about your white hair because a lot of them won’t be any more on your head after few years

Whether it is my birthday, mother’s, sister’s, or father’s birthday, we know the money will be taken from whose pocket.

It is true that whatever life may throw at you, at least you don’t have ugly children.

Dear Dad! On this special day, I am sending you an equally special birthday gift via courier, along with an equally special invoice. May you keep the change ready for the delivery guy.

Funny Dad Greeting message from Son

Dad Funny Birthday Wishes From Son

When somebody blames me for my adrenaline rush and anger, I immediately remind them of my Daddy and tell them that I am doing better. Like Father, like Son. Happy Birthday!

I may earn a hefty amount but spending them doesn’t give the amount of satisfaction equal to taking money out of Dad’s pocket, that too without telling him.

A son who thinks his secrets are really secret from his dad is a fool. Happy Birthday to an amazing dad. May you continue to turn a blind eye to my silly mistakes.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Hey Dad! We may fight, argue, and disagree at times but you are certainly the best Dad in the world.

Couldn’t have asked a better Dad in life. I wish every child gets a Dad like you.

I pray to the divine to bestow you 100 years of great health, prosperity, and joy. May there be more dads like you in this world.

When the going gets tough for the son, then the tough son gets going, to the daddy for help. Love you Dad and happy birthday!

Dad Funny Happy Birthday Image

When you have a smart, handsome, and adorable Son like me what better gift would you need for your birthday?

Luckily there is Google and Facebook which provides awesome and funny Dad’s birthday wishes.

When the divine wants to make a handsome man, he takes my Dad’s DNA for reference. That’s how special you are.

You have been more awesome than we could ever deserve. I wish every dad in the world be as cool, charming, and supportive as you.

Funny Birthday Dad Wishes from Daughter

Dad Happy Birthday Funny Wish From Daughter

Lucky is Dad marrying the most beautiful woman on this Earth to produce an equally beautiful daughter like me.

For all the curses I have given to men, I have learned all of them from my dad. May I continue to keep learning more.

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