100+ retirement messages for dad

Just like the mother, a Father is an important member of the family. He is usually the one who goes out and takes responsibility for earning the bread and butter. He makes sure that you enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of life, no matter how hard it is for him to fulfill it for you. If there is any male in life, who will love you unconditionally without expecting anything in return, it is your father.

So now that your father is retiring, isn’t it imperative for you to give him the nicest retirement message? After all the years of hard work, a cheerful message to him would make him feel grateful for having children like you and your siblings. And this is what the intent of this post is. Here we have prepared all sorts of retirement wishes and messages for him along with the Images. So do share it with him.

You may have scolded me. You may disagree with me but I will never ever forget the good that you have done for me. I wish there be more Dad like you in this world. A very happy retirement daddy. Know that you are retiring from your work only and not from the joys of life.

There is no area of life that my Dad hasn’t excelled. Be it parenting, raising us. But more importantly, you have always been more than a Dad to us. You are my confidant at the same time too with whom I can share my heart out. Do remember Dad, that you have only retired from your professional work. We have now plenty of time.

Some valuable things in life can only be taught like a father. And I couldn’t have asked for a better Dad than you. You have always pushed me out of my comfort zone and your heroics during your tenure always serves as nostalgia for me during the hard times. Now that you are done with the work, I am pretty sure you will start on a new adventure, which will be more fun-filling and soul-nourishing.

You have always been a thorough man, not only towards your work place but also towards us as a family. You have permeated in me all the great qualities like hard work, work ethic and never say die attitude. If I were to accomplish even half of the success of yours’s, I would feel very proud of myself. Happy Retiring now DaD. Love you to the moon and back.

As a father, you bestowed upon us more than what we deserved. Whatever the little success I enjoy, I thoroughly dedicate it to my loving father. You really handled the naughty child like very well. I wish every child in this world gets a father like you.

Whatever your dreams and aspirations are now left, they will certainly be fulfilled by me. I have admired your work-ethic, charm, and charisma and I am sure you will continue to place your umbrella over us of love, respect, and guidance. Very happy retirement to my wonderful father. May God bless you!

I may have despised your strict behavior while growing up, looking back, I now realized it was needed and thank you for the things you blessed me with, not to forget the humble and politeness that you taught me despite achieving so much success in your life.

Any organization would be proud to have someone like you. You did wonders, both on and off the field and to do that consistently for so many years is unbelievable in itself. The world would be so much amazing if there were more hardworking and sincere people like my Daddy. I wish you awesome blessings for the retirement and I am sure Life for you is only going to be better.

I certainly must have done some great deeds in my previous life that the divine blessed me with an amazing dad like you. You have never made us felt a lack in any aspect and I am sure that your organization would be feeling very sad about losing an employee like you. Enjoy the retirement phase, dear daddy! You have worked hard all the years. Now is time for you to take it easy.

Funny retirement wishes for him

It is amazing how we used to be scared of you while growing up and wished for your speedy departure to the office.🤣 And now, we are happy that you have finally hanged up your boot but only from the work and not from the joys of life. We all now all have a wonderful time, something which we missed so much while growing.

I am now so happy that you have finally decided to retire. It is now our job to send you and your mommy to the best places, best restaurants and have all the enjoyment in life, which you sacrificed when we were growing up.

Wishes from Daughter

It is absolutely true that the Father & Daughter will always share a special bond with each other. I remember the days when you pampered me with all your love when I was a toddler. And the last thing I can do now is to give you all the reasons to smile after raising me up so beautifully. If there is an epitome of a handsome, respectful, and loving father, it is certainly you. So happy retiring now dad. But I am sure you will have an even more amazing life now.

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