10+ Daily Habits that drain your energy & how to reduce them

Every activity, whether pleasurable or borne out of boredom, consumes energy. And when activities are performed repeatedly without giving a second thought, that’s when they turn into a habit. So it’s quite needless to say that some habits need to be checked periodically if we want to improve our productivity. It’s not just that bad habits decrease our concentration and productivity but they also diminish our peace of mind and mental well-being. In this article, we are going to list down some common daily habits that often work against us. So let’s get started.

1. Not taking a bath in the morning

It is a widely accepted fact that taking a bath is paramount for jolting your body out of laziness from your sleep. Not taking a bath a day can make you sluggish and less energetic. In spiritual terms, water is regarded as life and vital energy and daily bathing cleans the mind and body from negativity and rejuvenates them.

You would be surprised how fresh and vibrant you would feel for most of the day, if you take a proper shower every morning. A warm bath at the night can help you relax and make you sleep deeper.

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2. Engaging in smart phones upon waking up

It is something that even I tend to do a lot, albeit a lot less nowadays. But engaging in smartphones upon waking up makes you sluggish and gives a false sense of “done something productive”. Smartphones, emails, and other things can be checked once you have exercised in the morning and taken a bath.

3. Doing repetitive work daily

Our mind tends to become relax when we do a certain activity over and over again without including any change. This is why growth is paramount in every aspect of life, as it not only pushes us for great satisfaction but also keeps the mind active and energetic. If you are doing the same work daily, ask yourselves, whether you can do that in a more different way! And by different, we mean a better way.

4. Digesting too much Video and Audio content

There is a perfect saying that everything works best in a balance. That too much of anything is always a bad thing. The same goes for your mind also. It can absorb only a certain amount of data per day. If you are listening to videos (YouTube) and audios for the bulk of your day, you will feel fatigued, both mentally and physically. Consuming AV content for learning is a different thing though. We are talking here about entertainment content that people often tend to consume.

5. Not taking rests in between

It is natural for you to feel drained out of energy if you do not rest after adequate intervals. If you have a job that requires you to sit, a good rule of thumb is to take a walk every once in a while. Let those muscles and tendons be stretched, which will release opioids and other feel-good, relaxing hormones.

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Also, note that engaging in smartphones while you are taking a rest from work actually makes you even more tired. The rest we are talking about is you sitting alone, or taking a quiet walk and allowing your mind to process the thoughts and learning in your inner world.

6. Hanging with negative people

People who often have nothing good to do in their life will complain about everything. If your selected group of people often find negative things about you, then it’s time to leave them for your own good. Positive energy uplifts you for more work whereas criticism, anger, resentment, and other negative emotions make you lethargic and tired. If your hang-out people often make things unbearable with their negative energy, then you definitely must spend less time with them.

7. Lack of exercise

There is a saying that we lose, what we don’t use. This saying applies to muscles also. If we do not stimulate our muscles over a period of time, they degrade and eventually disappear after a period of no exercise. The same happens with our bodies. If we do not give it adequate exercise, it will not have any reason to stay energized. 4 -5 hours of exercise per week is more than sufficient to stay highly active, both physically as well as mentally.

8. Rejuvenate your mind daily

Motivation is not only three day course that sets you for life. Just like the daily habits of washing, brushing and eating, you need to feed your mind the correct thoughts and suggestions that will propel you towards your goals and vision. Take some time every day, preferably at night to watch some inspiring videos that lit a fire inside you. Night time is the best time to watch such videos as the conscious mind is highly relaxed at those moments and the subconscious mind is wide awake.

Have a tranquil mind. A tranquil mind is the one who forgives people without harboring negative thoughts. Forgiveness is only for the stronger heart and allows you to move on in life. It takes immense energy from your mind to come out of the inertia of negativity. Imagine, if you have a highly tranquil mind, then your mind will have all the energy in the world to produce the best feel good, energizing chemicals in your body through the brain.

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