40th Birthday Wishes for Daughter | Heartwarming Msgs For Her

Dear Daughter! Many Congratulations for completing forty years. For four decades, you have been the center of our universe and will continue to be, no matter how old you become. May this new decade brings you a new level of joy, prosperity and growth. All the blessings, love and wishes to you. Happy 40th birthday.

Its amazing how a little girl who would always bring a smile to our faces has grown up so big, strong and wise. Your wisdom and intellect is making gains with every passing year. You are one of the best daughter, best wife and am sure best mommy in the world and we pray that every family be blessed with a girl like you. May you always be my daughter. Happy fortieth birthday.

My dear girl! Legends have always said it that where there is a will, there is always a way. And if ain’t no light at the end of the tunnel, then it is surely not the end of the journey. May your dreams come to fruition. May the divine always bestow you with great health. Happy fortieth birthday from mommy and daddy.

Dear Daughter! When the Lord Almighty wants to beautiful girl, he considers your DNA as a reference for making her. May you charm and beauty always notch up with every passing year. Happy fortieth birthday to you.

Its the day when you came onto this planet from heaven and the journey has been amazing since then. The world would be so nice, cooperative, and thriving if there would be more daughters like you in this world. May your kids transform all their dreams into realities. Happy 40th birthday to you my dear!

We may be far away from our daughter but our love and wishes will travel the space and time to bestow you with all sorts of blessings, hugs and wishes. Not to forget, gifts also. We are sending plenty of them to you, along with their invoices too. Kidding! Happy 40th birthday!

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