David Warner & Stuart Broad believes mankading is still a spirit of cricket issue

Days after the MCC has made amendments to the laws of cricket, reactions have started to pour in from a number of cricket players. While the former greats such as Tendulkar have welcomed the changes, current players David Warner and Stuart Broad seems to be not pleased with the amendment of mankading, which the MCC has now moved from “Unfair” to “Runout”

According to David Warner, “I still think the history of the game suggests it’s a spirit of cricket thing… You don’t expect players to do that.” Warner’s teammate Aaron finch was close to getting mankaded by none other than Ashwin, but the bowler did not ran him out and instead give a polite warning for not backing from the crease until the bowl has been released by the bowler.

Stuart Broad expressed his displeasure too at the amendment of the mankading law and also took a jibe at Ravi Chandran Ashwin by saying that getting a wicket through mankading requires zero skill from the bowler.

Broad’s teammate Jos Butler was at the receiving end of mankading runout from Ashwin in IPL 2019. The decision went to the third umpire who signaled out. Butler was livid with the decision and many cricketing pundits criticized Ashwin for the act.

The event of run out was termed the name Mankading after Indian Spinner Vinoo Mankad ran out the Australian opener Bill Brown at the non-striker’s end; not once, but twice. The first time in the warm up match during the Australian tour of 1947, and the second time at the second test match of the series.

Indian spinner R. Ashwin has endorsed his views many times on the subject. The off-spinner has said that bowlers need to think about mankading the non-striker if they do not stop backing from the crease even after the warning. The new laws will be applied to International cricket from 1st October 2022.

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