Despite being in same team, Dhawan refused Marcus Stoinis for …..

There is no greater advantage in a sport than knowing your competitor’s weakness. In a game like a cricket, getting to know such key things is a huge bonus. The IPL over the years has helped players from different countries and cultures to gel with each other. We often see players expressing raw emotions playing for their franchise even if they are competing against a player of their own country. It is also believed that the players share their national teammate’s weaknesses with their IPL teammates. But in one instance that has now been revealed by Mohammad Kaif, Delhi Capitals star batsman had refused to share his weakness with Marcus Stonis who was also playing for the same franchise.

Mohammad Kaif, in conversation with Sportskeeda, said “

There was this practice game going on last year. Stoinis was bowling with the new ball and Dhawan was on strike. Dhawan took a single and I was umpiring.

“So when Dhawan came to the other end, Stoinis asked him, “Should I change my field placement for you? Should I keep the fine leg up against you?

Dhawan and Stonis were the part of Delhi Capitals last year. It was obvious to Dhawan that Stonis was trying to know his weaknesses which would have helped him prepare against the batsman in the national games. But Dhawan was smart according to Kaif as he refused to divulge details of his strengths and dislikings.

“Shikhar said, “no, this is fine. This is a very good field.” Then Shikhar turned to me and said, “Why should I tell him about my weakness? I have to play the World Cup in UAE. Why should I discuss my weakness with the bowlers?”

Players refrain away from revealing their weaknesses with their IPL teammates: Mohammad Kaif

While cricket is a game whether a player plays international or league games, the emotions and nationalism are on another level while playing for the country and Kaif realized that players even in the same team refrain away from stating their weaknesses to their teammates.

“I realised that even when these guys play together, no one wants to discuss their weakness. He eventually didn’t tell him where to set the field. I did make me realise how smart a batter is,” Kaif further added.

Both players are now part of different teams. While Dhawan was brought by Kings X1 Punjab, Marcus Stoinis was purchased in the auction by Lucknow Super Giants.

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