Did Virat Kohli stepped down in anticipation of his captaincy removal? Yes, feels Sunil Gavaskar

Indian fans have had plenty of things to deal with what has happened in the last couple of days. As if India losing the test series in SA wasn’t sad enough, the cricketing fraternity got surprised and upset when Kohli announced his decision to step down from the test captaincy. Speaking to Sports Today, Gavaskar was asked whether he expected Kohli to step down from the captaincy, the little master to the surprise of many replied “Yes”.

Gavaskar opined that Kohli may have decided to step down from the test captaincy on his own in the anticipation of his removal by the superiors. India was considered the favorites by a mile even by some SA cricketers however, SA bounced back sharply after losing the Centurion test and won the series by 2 -1. Gavaskar even said that he was expecting the announcement yesterday at the post-match presentation but believed that the decision at that moment would have been perceived to be taken in anger.

In Gavaskar’s own words, “I wasn’t surprised at all (on the step down from captaincy). In fact, I thought it might actually come yesterday at the presentation but then if it would have come at the presentation, then it would have looked as if its been done in a moment of .. (unrecognizable word)…. or anger. So I am not surprised that it has come after 24 hours or after an overnight situation. So I am not surprised that this decision has come.”

Virat Kohli could have been removed from the test team following the loss of SA series: Sunil Gavaskar

In a bold statement, Gavaskar claimed that had it not been by Kohli himself, he probably would have been removed from the test captaincy. While Gavaskar admits that he could be wrong, he believes that Kohli anticipated his removal from the test captaincy and therefore decided to step down on his own. “I think the realization was there that with the loss over here, he could be removed as the captain of the test team as well. So, I think it was a decision you know to preempt that. So this is what I think, I could be completely, totally off path but this is what I think happened.” Gavaskar said.

Kohli was annexed from the ODI captaincy in December when BCCI announced the decision on the 8th of December 2021. The reasoning given by Ganguly was that split-captaincy in cricket wasn’t possible which is why Kohli was removed. According to Ganguly, Kohli had earlier resigned on his own from the T20 captaincy.

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