‘Do not want black people’ Former Test Umpire accuses Middlesex county

John holder, the former test umpire from England has accused the Middlesex county for trying to include only white people in their system.

“I have a friend who is a member of Middlesex County Cricket Club, and he says he is ashamed to be a member because Middlesex is trying to become an all-white club, they don’t want black people in there.”

His statement came after Middlesex CCC chairman Mike O’ Farrell stated that kids from Afro-Caribbean community were more inclined towards Football and rugby than cricket.

O’ Farrell commented later on that his statement was taken out of context and he should have provided more clarity. When asked whether the Middlesex county club chairman should be sacked, holder responded yes and that his apology was unacceptable.

“When white people start making comments about your color in a sniggering and derogatory manner, it needs to be outlawed completely,” Holder said.

The former test umpire wasn’t selected to officiate a test match for ten years after he reported ball-tampering done by the English player Phil Tuffnell during a test match in 1991. No action was taken on his report but Holder received a letter stating that he had been dropped from the test panel.

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