No! Everything does not happen for a reason — 6 examples to prove

The answer is a big NO. Contrary to the popular belief, not everything happens for a reason. There are many tragic, appalling, inhumane events in the world proving that. There cannot be any reason for events like office politics, rapes, road accidents, animal abuse, 9/11 tragic incident and etc.

This article is a sincere attempt to bury down this philosophical thought once and for all. We will discuss all the events listed in the above paragraph in detail to debunk this popular notion.

1. Government Scams

In the last decade or even before, so many huge scams have been unearthed done by different governments of various countries. Now it’s really hard to understand a reason for such things. The scams have only nosedived the economy of the nation and nothing better.

2. Office politics

Consider yourself a bright, charming, and knowledgeable individual who joined an elite organization. Now you could turn heads with your amazing results and kindness but when it comes to promotion, your Boss could very well promote the other guy (a girl!) with whom he/she gets along more.

There is absolutely you cannot do if your Boss has more liking and inclination towards other the other candidate, who could be friends or a great relative with whom your Boss shares a fantastic equation. Now many in this scenario could

3. Rapes

There cannot be any reason to justify the rape of a woman or a man. Some people may argue that the victims in such cases have committed bad karma in the past or in the past life. No matter who did what Karma in the past or in the previous life, the right to give them punishment lies in the hand of the Almighty and not with the humans.

Its heart wrenching to say that a lot of cruel acts are committed against the infants and elderly women. And it is really hard to justify that there was a reason behind such acts.

There is a reason Rape is considered a crime and not just as a reason for something which can be justified under the pretext of everything that happens, happens for a reason.

4. Road Accidents

You can be a law-abiding citizen with an altruistic heart, walking on the designated area of road and still get knocked out by a vehicle just because some crazy person was high on drugs, or drank beyond limits, or was driving recklessly. Many innocent people around the world have gone to heaven or have their body paralyzed (and life too!) owing to such accidents.

While such incidents may forge a habit in us to be extra careful and vigilant while on the road, the individual who caused such event to take place cannot be praised or held in high regard.

5. Animal Abuse

You can go to YouTube and see the atrocity of some people on the na├»ve, innocent, and harmless animals. It is appalling to even state it here. While it is disgrace to even think, but let’s just hypothetically assume that those animals did something wrong or their suffering allowed something good to the other. In such a case, who has given the rights to humans to have taken the responsibility for committing terrible acts upon them? Isn’t it up to God to decide how he wants to let those creatures live or suffer? The fact is that for some individuals, it is a pure psychotic pleasure that they derive by doing such inhumane acts. Such events can not be proclaimed as something good for a reason.

6. The 9/11 tragic event

Everyone knows what happened during that fateful day. Thousands of people lost their lives in a matter of seconds. If we were to apply the absurd reasoning that everything happens for a reason, it would make those people deserving of such ill fate, which is far from true.

So why do people think that this notion is true?

This can be explained with certain examples. Let us take an individual, let’s name it John, who is pushing hard for the promotion. Now that individual may not get the desired promotion or the paycheck. He leaves the organization and joined somewhere else, with a higher paycheck (and respectable position too!) than expected. Yes, it’s a happy ending and John would have been working with the same lower wage if he had not mustered the courage to leave the organization and look for a better one. However, not every instance of life turns around this way.

The take away points

Life is precious and there is certainly a higher power who takes care of everything or at least tries its level best to do so. However, not everything is perfect in life or else we would have a system where Instant Karma would be served for doing a bad deed to anyone.

Some people do crazy and appalling things to others in life. If you have been on the receiving end of one of their actions, please don’t accept it as a will of God or that something good is now surely going to happen because you have just suffered a setback. Despite your best efforts of being careful and aware, you still may (Hopefully not!!!) end up on the receiving end of some wrong activity.

No matter how hard you try, there are at times that luck does not support you. However, that doesn’t mean that some higher power is against you or coaxing you to change your pursuit. It’s just that there are other factors (people mainly) at play.

So if something bad happens to you, it absolutely cannot be comprehended as a reason for something. Use your wisdom, try to learn how such things can be averted in the future.

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