Didn’t expect captain to announce stepping down before T20 World Cup : Manoj Tiwari on Virat Kohli

People in the Indian Cricketing fraternity still cannot come to terms of Kohli not being a captain now in any of the format. It all started before the T20 World cup when Kohli announced his decision to step down from captaincy after the tournament. Manoj Tiwari has now voiced his opinion.

Talking to SportsKeeda, Tiwari said that Kohli should not have announced his decision to step down before the tournament and that such things hurt the fans.

“The T20 World Cup was our priority a few months back, but Virat announced his intention to relinquish the T20I captaincy just before the tournament. Now that’s not what you would expect from a captain as a fan. All your energy should’ve been focused on the T20 World Cup.”

Whether the Indian team suffered because of sudden relinquishing from Kohli cannot be known but the performance of the team was way below par, which even Ganguly admitted later on. Team India lost to arch-rivals Pakistan before losing an all-important game against New Zealand which practically ensured that they were out of the semis.

Ganguly Kohli fiasco shouldn’t have happened in public : Manoj Tiwari

The communication barrier between the BCCI and Kohli over the captaincy issue is well known in the public domain. Manoj Tiwari said that the fiasco between the BCCI chief and Kohli should have happened privately.

“It affects the team environment for sure. A healthy and good atmosphere is necessary to be in a good space, as a team and also as an individual. Everyone has seen that things haven’t been going well between the BCCI and Virat. It shouldn’t have happened in public,” Tiwary in conversation with Sportskeeda.

While Ganguly told a leading newspaper that the board officials requested Kohli to not relinquish the T20 captaincy, Kohli revealed in the press-conference on 15th December that there was no such request from the BCCI and that the board members considered the step as ‘progressive’.

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