British Asians don’t trust English Cricket : Monty Panesar underlines the problems of British Asians with English Cricket

Monty Panesar, the former spinner has outlined that British Asians have a hard time putting their faith in the English cricket owing to racism and that children from the minority ethnic backgrounds feel that a cricket career may not be viable for them seeing the racism culture.

Middlesex chairman Mike O’ Farrell received massive uproar for his comments at DCMS meeting. He apparently told the MPs “The other thing in the diversity bit is that the football and rugby world becomes much more attractive to the Afro-Caribbean community,”

While O’ Farrell stated that the reason for such is because Cricket is a time-consuming sport, his comments was strongly criticized by Azeem Rafiq, who earlier in November 2021 made bombshell revelations about his racist bullying experience at the Yorkshire County Club.

Panesar in his column for Telegraph stated the Middlesex chairman’s comments in front of the MPs were ‘depressing’ and ‘annoying’.

The racism scandal that emerged in the English cricket few months ago shocked the entire cricketing fraternity. Azeem Rafiq took several prominent names including that of David Llyod, who retired after 22 years from the Sky Sports commentary soon after that.

Panesar points out that Asian and black kids simply want to play the game that they love and that the people in administration need to do something that ensures equal opportunities for the kids from minority ethnic background.

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