10+ Key strengths in an Employee that Recruiters look for

It is rightly said that a successful organization is a group of people who align their work ethic, belief with that of the organization. When employees and organizations are on the same page, the result is exemplary growth for both parties. One of the key factors in the growth of the company is to identify the key strengths of their employees across all hierarchies and assigning them the particular role.

An unbiased analysis of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses requires not only a trained eye but also a wise individual who can gauge someone from a neutral perspective. Every human being is unique and their perspective may differ in circumstances. However, for growth and success, there are usually common denominators that can be emphasized to an individual. In this article, we will list down all the key metrics that employers look at in every interview. Whether you are in an authoritative position or an employee who wants to grow and climb the corporate world, we will list down plenty of key strengths of a good employee.

Friendly & Positive Attitude

You can understand the gravity of having a positive and friendly attitude when top entrepreneurs like Elon Musk emphasize it in their hiring process. In an interview with Henry Ford, Musk emphasizes the need for employees to be excited & cheerful about the work and not be discouraged with setbacks.

Behind every success, there is always a positive attitude to start with. A friendly and helpful person has an infectious vibe that rubs success to everyone they come in contact with. As an employee, you may not be able to deliver according to your expectations every time, but if you possess a cheerful, optimistic attitude, the company is likely going to trust you and give you opportunities to grow and succeed.


While some people may be less extroverted than others, as long as an employee has integrity and hardworking, he/ she is bound to bring success to himself/ herself and to the organization. Warren Buffet emphasized the need for having integrity in an employee when he stated that Integrity, intelligence, and energy are the three crucial factors in hiring an employee. But when integrity is missing, the remaining two will be useless as there will be no trust in the employee even if they have the hard and soft skill sets.

Confidence & Desire to Succeed

Confidence is an intangible attribute that requires a strong will and a highly optimistic mind. There rarely will be any human in this world who repels confidence. Whether you hold a higher or lower position in the spectrum of any corporate, confidence and the desire to succeed will always make you more appealing to your colleagues and bosses.

Bill Gates, while speaking to ABC.net emphasized how important self-confidence is in achieving success. He was 13 years old when he found out about computers and software and took him nearly five more years to realize that the software field was going to be his lifelong passion.

Desire to take responsibility

Taking responsibility in a bid to successfully execute a plan is a task that only the strongest minds will ever take. Employees that are vital to an organization’s growth love to take responsibility and bring in success. If they execute the ideas perfectly, they win the accolades and praises of people and if they lose, they learn from their mistakes. Timid people rarely take up any responsibility as they fear the worse instead of expecting the best from themselves.

Excellent communication and transparency skills

Talking specific and to the point is a highly desirable trait, especially in the workplace. And when you, as an employee or as a senior individual, bring in utmost transparency on your own, you automatically gain the trust and also the respect of others.

In a decade-old article to BBC, Bill Gates points out that having the right communication skills and the ability to work with different types of people is very crucial in order to achieve success. Bill Gates is not alone in having such a thought process. Other entrepreneurs like Warren Buffett and Richard Branson also agree.

Problem solving attitude

It is easy to focus on the problems in life, be it personal or professional, then on the solutions. And this is why people who think & talk about solutions are revered by others.

Team Work

In any corporate, rarely there will be a task that will require a solo individual. It is always the cumulative effort of the team that gives the desired result. Now teamwork not only involves bringing in different skill sets, but also keeping aside the ego and helping each other with knowledge, skill sets, and altruistic behavior. If you are someone with excellent hunger for teamwork, then the employers would absolutely love to have you on board.

Not playing the Blame game

It requires an immense heart to own up the mistakes or at least not indulge in the typical blame game. Histories show that people who take an unbiased look at their own performances often achieve a lot of success. An employee’s success is an inevitable success of the organization also.


Contrary to the popular belief, a leader is not someone who is above the team. He/ she in fact looks upon the experiences and guides the team in order to achieve the desired result. Needless to say but a leader is someone who earns (and not commands) respect from his / her team members.

Desire to listen more than to speak

There is a saying that Almighty blessed us with 2 ears and only one mouth. A lot of miscommunication happens when we listen to only react. Active listening means, seeing things (or at least trying to) from the speaker’s perspective and then giving an appropriate reply after rationalizing their point of view from an unbiased perspective.

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