100+ Sarcastic but inspirational quotes for every aspect of life

Sarcasm often includes the truth about ourselves. Let’s be honest here. Sarcasm usually pinches us but instead of getting angry, we can use it to motivate ourselves, and others if we look at the opposite end of the spectrum. Legends say that there are always two polarities for a scenario. So if someone is going through a hard phase or suffered a setback, or is not making progress in life then you can send these sarcastic cum inspiration quotes to them. We have covered such quotes for many aspects of life. Most of these quotes are from anonymous people. So let’s get started.

Sometimes reading the motivation quotes does no good. A straight kick on our behind does the job mostly.

It is better to take lessons from our own experience instead of waiting for someone who will point the mistake right into our face.

The world would be so much better place if God could include an instant Karma system in his algorithm.

It is true for most men that they are like dogs for the first 100 years of their life.

It is rightly said that 2% of the population thinks, 3% think that they think and the rest 95% of people would love to die rather than think.

When you have so many tabs opened in your chrome browser, it makes you feel productive, even if you are playing videos and songs in them.

Sometimes, the going gets extremely tough. Call it luck or Karma! But it is only the tough that dares to move even during it.

it takes great will power and skill to see the difficulty in every opportunity while it is pretty much easy to see the opportunities in every difficulty.

God instilled a mechanism in every women for them to stay young and forever. It is by lying through the teeth of course. πŸ˜€

People with advising others with half knowledge are more dangerous than the poison itself.

All good things in life come from the place of happy and joyous feeling. So we might as well be happy and joy for no reason.

It is very easy to become an overnight success. You just need to put in the work for like a couple of years and then Kaboom!

β€œGod gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.” – Robin Williams

The biggest cause of divorces that no one has ever pondered is marriage itself.

Its ironic that people claim to love sarcasm in life when it is played upon others. It’s a different story when they are at the receiving end of it.

It is very hard to inspire someone who bets his life on Luck and the divine only. Only the divine can help him/ her.

The best people in life are those who will leave you behind because you are nobody. Nothing could be more fueling for success than to become more successful than those people.

If a woman cannot understand woman themselves, then who the hell are we men who can decipher them. Even God has given up on understanding them.

The best friends are those who can make you laugh, support you when you are wrong and spend money on you without expecting it back.

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research. – Steven Wright

It takes tit for tat to make people understand how you feel when they say something offensive to you.

There is a way to be kind and altruistic and tell dumb A** people to **** off.

God keeps everything in checks and balances. He might make someone a lot pretty so that it be compensated for his/ her grey matter.

My fart is more efficient than mosquito repellent. RIP to so many mosquitoes who have boarded to heaven because of that.

Every time I am nearer to the Pandora box of success, the Gods screw us behind. Maybe I need to work even more hard.

There are so many people in the world who are living the life of their dreams, on social media. Hope the same comes true for them in real life too.

There must be a reason why the Almighty gave us two ears and only 1 mouth.

I don’t know why every woman on Earth turns me on, when I have gulped down 10 rounds of whiskeys.

Regarding Relatives

Some relatives will often inquire about your health and well-being in order to know your financial status and your standard of living. But the kindest people don’t break ties with them and show their way to riches by becoming one.

Relatives usually want to see you succeed but not more than them. Our goal should be to succeed more than them and inspire them to follow our path.

Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid. – John Wayne

When your relatives torture you with stupid questions, you have all the moral rights in the world to reply to them with sarcasm.

Its very important to be funny while telling truth about people on their face.

Only a fool argues with people who are thinking one thing, doing the second thing, and feeling the third.

Some relatives will reach out to you only to know about your financial status and nothing more.

It is ironic that we may have friends with whom we will understand the pulse of our being better than some of our relatives.

It is nice to be there with your friends or relatives when the Karma is *** F *****g them for their bad deeds against you.

When the relatives are extra concerned about you, then be prepared because they are going to ask for financial help or some sort of help.

Regarding Arguments and Debates

People with the right intent will never make it an argument. They would seek answers and ask questions accordingly whereas People with closed minds will shred the logic to 1000 pieces just to prove their point over you.

Arguing with stupid people is like banging your head right onto the brick wall hoping that the wall would break.

The journey to success is full of drama, back-bitching, stealing from others, and whatnot. But in reality, it is plain, simple and that enlivens every cell of our being just like water and breathing air.

If people usually do not pay attention and respect to you then wait for a few years! The equation will turn around when you will have a better career and more money than them.

You don’t need to have a reason for people to hate you. Their mind is creative enough to find reasons to hate you on its own. πŸ˜€

If someone behaves weirdly with you, it may have nothing to do with you. It’s very likely they are doing that to many people, and not just only with you.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot make anyone happy even if you give them 1000 reasons to be. The choice to be happy and sadistic at each moment lies with them only.

If people do not agree to your sensible arguments and make illogical decisions, it is usually a sign of their lack of awareness and not vengeance towards you.

The road to success is always under construction. – Lily Tomlin

When someone wants to trap you into a verbal fight, the most painful medicine to them is your silence.

Legends have it that 2% of the population think, 1% of the population think they think and the rest 97% of people would rather die than think. Maybe there is a benefit in belonging to that 2%.

Every worthwhile thing in life requires you to go through an uncomfortable period before you start to reap the fruits of them.

It is only the diamonds that have to undergo extreme heat and pressure in order to bring out their sparkle and magnificence. Maybe that’s the same treatment required for you too!

Sarcastic health-related quotes with inspiration


Sometimes, it is not the motivational quotes that propel us to exercise but the straight kicks on our behind that do the job.

If there is an advantage of being a couch potato, it is in having wider gluts and bigger t***s. But the natural adrenaline and exuberance of life through exercise, and hard work has its own euphoria that cannot be brought from over the counter.

Wisdom is usually considered as the by product of ageing. Faster ageing (and therefore quick wisdom) can be achieved by taking too much stress, fighting someone, or doing illegal work. But there is one simpler way too and i.e. is hard work, persistence and altruism most importantly.

Smoking may be cancerous, but only for the other smokers and not for the person who thinks about this thought.

It is important to be healthier and fitter rather than being aesthetically pleasing only. Aesthetics can come and go but good health comes from a clear conscience and an altruistic heart.

Sometimes its nice to remain dirty and shabby. Feels like a change and also saves some water too πŸ˜€

Sarcasm Quotes Career, workplace-related with Motivation

It’s easy to lie about the salary and how much material wealth one holds. The difficulty lies in remembering it well and telling the same to all the people. The easier way is to make more and talk less.

It’s nice to do work with half-heartedness in a comfortable and safe job. But if you want more from your life, that can only happen by climbing the top of the ladder with hard work and persistence.

When your boss is on the vacation, consider it as the vacation for yourself.

When people point a finger at you for your mistakes,
do remember that their remaining four fingers are pointing back to them only!

Some seniors may put you down for no reason. But don’t be upset because that is the only way they can feel good about themselves.

It may not be right to hate people for their choices, when you do not the choices they have to choose from.

Your opinions are usually not considered important in the workplace. You have the heart and honest intent for your correct opinions but maybe not the proof in terms of achievement! Hopefully, you will rise to the above and make their opinions less important than yours.

Its not hard to tolerate stupid people at work if you are paid for it.

People who expect the best from you might come down hard at you for your mistakes. It is important to understand their intent and propelling yourself to be better instead of escaping from their criticism.

For Relationships


People usually take us for granted when we hold less value than them. The payback lies in notching up our standards through hard work and money and make them regret leaving us.

There will always be someone better or worse than you. But for the people who leave you, may not find someone unique, fervent, and with a unique look like you.

You may or may not agree but sometimes, the best way to get over your man, is to get under another one!

We are living in a world where leaving an abusive relationship feels riskier, whereas finding a better, loving, and understanding partner is deemed tough.

Arguments and disagreements are usually not a sign of a bad relationship if the aim is to seek more transparency and betterment of the other.

The world’s biggest myth is to love others, when it is harder for us to love ourselves in the first place.

For Friendships

People evolve or devolve and therefore, some friends will come and go. But the ones willing to deal with the lows along with the highs will always stay by your side and will propel you to evolve too.

Sometimes it is the catastrophe that shows us the true nature of so-called friends. Catastrophe may be painful but they indeed carry a blessing.

Friends come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some may even resonate more with your heart and soul than your parents and siblings.

For Entrepreneurship

It is so important to have eight hours of sleep, 2 hours of a friend’s time, and netflixing at night. But sometimes, sacrifices are needed in order to achieve meaningful things in life.

It’s easier to cheat people with less than satisfactory services, products, and poor customer care. It is harder to win their trust again. It may be painful to receive criticism for poor products or services but it is easier to gain the trust of people if you care about them.

Neglecting your own mistakes and blaming others is fine
as long as you don’t want to win!
But with your talent, ability and persistence, you could rise up above the mountains,
if you care to win

It is hard to sacrifice something, especially a habit, even if it holds zero value to you, but sacrificing means giving up something of lower nature in order to make space, so that something of higher nature can come into your life.

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